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Winter session of Karnataka assembly in Belgaum SVS from November 10

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03Chairman of Karnataka State Legislative Council D.H. Shankaramurthy today visited the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha and also held a meeting with the authorities regarding the arrangement for the Winter session of the Karnataka assembly in the month of November 2013.

The Chairman further said that, the session would most probably commence from November 11 and would be a 10 day session.

Each year the assembly has to be in session for a minimum of 60 days, out of which 32 days of session have already been completed. Hence another 28 days session will have to be taken, out of the remaining 28 days 10 days would be held in Belgaum, the Chairman added.

Earlier Sessions held in Belgaum:

1. It was in 2006 session of the legislature was held in Belgaum for the first time at the KLE University premises.

2. From 16 to 24 January 2009, when the B.S. Yeddyurappa government was in power.

3. From December 5 to 13, 2012.

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  1. Hope they don’t forcefully kick out JNMC students out of hostel again especially when final exams are around the corner! Members of this session plz go find ur own place to stay and stop staying in hostels!!


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