Wake up: We need a Change this time



What has happened in Mumbai for the past 47 hours is perhaps history now, but I am ashamed with all those politicians who went there to the Trident, Nariman House and Taj.



There were our gallant army and police cops fighting for life inside and these politicians were there do what ? Show sympathy?  The pay commissions recommendations are not adhered to for the defense forces but the salary of the MLAs MPs and governors are increased many folds in successive years. Why is this?


Someone now would come out do what was done in the Batla House case. Human Rights activists may come up and say why you shot them you should have caught them. I say all those should have been there in the Taj or Trident.

If they had guts they should worn the uniform and entered the buildings with the commandos. DOES ANY POLITICIAN HAVE THIS GUTS?


All these rotten politicians form all parties Congress, BJP and all others who were trying to face up on the occasion as elections are nearing.



What have they given us and insecure environment to live in and if they cant, give us a secure environment they should at least prepare to fight these situations? See  what happened in Mumbai, Disaster management is only on papers. Corporators, ministers, MPs and MLAs will after a few days make a trip to see a foreign country to access the disaster management in that country. All our money will be spent and what will happen after that another Operation Taj will have to be undertaken.


Elections are nearing in 2009 we will have the National elections and in that I would urge all to vote for someone who could do something for the society. Vote for a person not because he is from a particular party but for his guts that he might have.


You all may think why all this on this blog, all that happened in Mumbai. It happened there it could happen anywhere. We need to wake up at least now, Wake up folks before its too late. “JAAGORE”



  1. Yes, that is so true that India needs a big change. We need to protect our people from violence. There are many ways of doing this and that is Training all the police officers like the military does. We need to protect our officers with bullet proof vests. Take them to a shooting range; make sure they are able to shoot well. There are too many officers in India that are not equipped with proper training. Give them the training. We need to be alert with all threats. Threat levels should be coded with colors like red = danger, orange = be alert. This needs to be broadcasted all over India not just Mumbai and Delhi.
    All neighboring states should have come out and helped with the incident not just the Maharashtra district.

    India has grown and becoming a tourists country. So that means we are putting our own people in risk by not being secure. India should have learned from the US on what happened when the terrorists attacked on 9/11.

    I think this article is right, you need elect the people that are going to protect the country. Please keep our people safe!! No other countries will come out and help its up to us to protect India. Gandhi Ji is a big example!!!!

  2. c’mon.

    if they visit the place, we have objection. if they dont visit, we still have objection. you must give it to them sometimes.

    nothing to take away from the argument that they are bad. i fully agree.

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