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Water supply to be affected as Water level in Rakskop reservoir is 4 feet lower than last year

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By uday

Due to the decreased water level in Rakasakop Reservoir, there has been a change in the schedule of water supply to Belagavi city.

This year, the water level in the reservoir is approximately four feet lower than it was last year, which may result in a disruption of the 24/7 water supply, including the 24 x 7 demo zone of Belagavi city.

Therefore, the public is kindly requested to use water sparingly during this emergency and to cooperate with the authorities.


The full reservoir level is 2475. 

This February, the water levels in the reservoir are low. Therefore, it is important to use water judiciously. To ensure that we have enough water for the summer months, we must be mindful of our water consumption.

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