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Water Wheel eases the burden of women at Sagar Nagar Slum

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The women and even young girls of Sagar Nagar Slum spent most of their time collecting water for various uses from a long distance, and these heavy pots on their heads are a cause of health issues such as pain, in the neck, chest, spine, knees, legs which ultimately in the long run affects their loco-motor movements.

Mahesh Foundation along with Selco Foundation distributed Wello water wheels to the sagar-nagar slum recently.

water-wheel belagaviWater wheel is that pot as a larger ergonomic wheel can be rolled by a steering attached to it. That is a Wello water Wheel.

The water wheel consists of a drum & a handle attached to the drum. The easy design makes it easier for the person to pull or push the water wheel with ease. Made for multi terrain the water wheel is designed to run in almost all regions. Whats more, the water wheel is completely food grade making the water absolutely safe to drink.

The dwellers were informed about its use and how it can help them in the long run.

The water wello wheel eases that burden by storing water in a round 45-litre container in which it maintains purely hygienic with,

– Wide mouth opening facilitates easy pouring and cleaning.

– Unique cap-in-cap design keeps clean water clean.

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