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Less rainfall this year

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The rain God are not happy with the people it seems, in the month of July even tough there has been some good rains we received only 188.6 mm in Belgaum taluka. Rainfall in June was 104.1 mm.

Normally the beginning of July all the reservoirs are full but that is not the case this time around.

Rakaskop which normally overflows by last week of June is still not full to its capacity of 2475 feet and the water level currently stands at 2461 feet.

The same is the case with Hidkal with water level at 2109.

Khanapur Taluka has received the highest rainfall in the District with 300 + mm with Raybag got only 19 mm of rainfall.

The overall figures indicate a shortage of rainfall of -31% on an average.

For the week ending 25th July the deficit for the week was -34% for the week earlier the deficit was -72%.

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