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Goaves to 1st Gate Shukurwar Peth to be 60 feet road

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On Saturday the residents/passersby from Shukurwar Peth in Tilakwadi were in a double minds when they saw a surveyor surveying the road. When asked he replied that it was for the widening of the road. The road starting from Rotary Swimming pool to First gate would be widened.

Last year in July the plan was brought forward for the widening of the said road.

According to the CDP this road would be 60 feet wide, the current width of the road is 30 feet.

Goaves to 1st Gate (Shukurwar Peth)


The Urban development ministry has approved a few packages under the CM’s 100 crore special grant II. The road would be widened under the same funds.

As there are many houses and buildings on the road which will need to be partly demolished, the residents and occupants are worried.

The corporation however denied that any survey was undertaken for road widening.  

9 thoughts on “Goaves to 1st Gate Shukurwar Peth to be 60 feet road”

  1. Good News !!!! At least 80 feet widening is required, Corporartion must plan for next 20 years
    Parallelly GOA VES TO III GATE must be at least 100 feet road.

      • Mr.Suresh ,Go and visit Navi Mumbai ,How it is planned,like that all cities must have proper planning ,Min. 80 feet Roads tobe constructed with adequate compensation to the affected people.

  2. Hope the road widens to 60 feet. If so lots of objections will come up as people would not let their property even if partly have to be let off.

  3. It is a National Highway 4A, so it should be 120 feet road, double track, vision be at least 2050, so please support for 120 feet road. For compensation be give at MARKET RATE. or Make at First Gate , a International Market near Sai Temple, by pulling all Corporation’s Residence Quarters, old market etc and give them to these land lost people.

    • Congress road is already 120 feet but Shukuwar peth according to CDP is 60 feet and even when it will be 60 feet many houses will have to be demolished


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