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What Belagavi Lost over the years

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The fourth-largest city in the state, Belagavi, is the second-largest exporter with a total GDP of INR 159.65 billion. The district devotes 48% of its land to cultivation, with pulses and cereals being the most important crops.

Belagavi is also renowned for its fruit and vegetable production, including staples such as onion, tomato, and potato. The district is home to India’s first notified Aerospace Precision Engineering and Manufacturing SEZ centre, making it an emerging hub for storage/cold storage infrastructure that is augmenting the agriculture sector and related industries.

Belagavi boasts 10 major hospitals, 344 private nursing homes, 139 primary health centres, 14 community health centres, 4 universities, 180 general degree colleges, 2 medical colleges, 18 polytechnic colleges, and 11 engineering colleges. Recently, the MLA of the state assembly commented that the government must now think beyond Hubballi.


Belagavi has lost a great deal over the years due to various reasons.

These losses include the High Court bench, an IIT, the Lalit Kala Academy, the Belagavi Division Education Office to Dharwad, the Nandi Printing Press, a sanctioned food park that never took shape, and a Junior Police Officer Training Centre that was moved to Dharwad despite being sanctioned for Belagavi during the budget.

Furthermore, despite having the largest SSI and MSME units, the KSSIDC office is located in Hubbali. Both dams and rivers for Ghataprabha and Mallaprabha are in Belagavi, yet the KNNL central office is in Dharwad. No new industrial area has come up in the last two decades, and the Yuva Vishwa Sammelana, which was to be organized in Belagavi, has been shifted to Hubballi.

This list is by no means exhaustive and could be expanded significantly.

The losses Belagavi has suffered over the years are numerous and varied and have had a significant impact on the city.

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  1. Good these points are brought to the discussion of public. There is a chance for government official to do something to Belagavi and become legends for their people. But are they interested? NO. All they want is to become ATM’s/Landlords/Loan lenders for their families.


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