Govt ready to allocate alternate land in Khanapur to Defense instead of 750 acres near Belagavi

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In response to questions posed by Belagavi North MLA Anil Benake and Belagavi South MLA Abhay Patil during the Belagavi Session regarding the establishment of an IT Park in Belagavi, Minister of Large and Medium Industries of Karnataka Murugesh Nirani informed that they had already met with Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi multiple times to request the transfer of 750 acres of land adjacent to NH4 to the state government for the purpose of constructing a Mega IT Park.

This open land of 745 acres along the Pune-Bengaluru National Highway from Survey No 1304 to 1349 is in possession of the Defense ministry.

The Ministry had replied that the subject land admeasuring 754 acres 33 guntas(754.82 acres) comprising Sy. Nos. 1304 to 1307, 1324 to 1350 and 1397 (total 31 Sy. Nos) in village Turkamatti, Belagavi popularly known as Military Farm land Turkamatti was transferred to the then Commissarial (Military) Department vide Bombay Government Resolutions No. 4913 dated 30/06/1873 and No.3242 dated 09/06/1875 when Belagavi was part of Bombay Presidency. Since then the land is in continuous occupation by the Military for the past 140 years.

The details of the said land have been recorded in the Military land Register held by Defence Estates Officer, Bengaluru. It has further been informed that, out of the total land, areas admeasuring 13.625 acres and 20 acres were transferred by MoD to the State Government and ICMR during 1978 & 1984 respectively on payment of transfer value, The balance of land measuring 721.195 acres is described as Military Grass Farm and is placed under the management of QMG.

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Nirani further stated that they had also informed the minister that they were prepared to offer an alternative land to the Defense Authority in Khanapur Taluk, where 1000 acres of land had been notified. He assured that there would be no issue with relocating defense activities to Khanapur.

Nirani concluded by expressing his hope that if the Defense Minister agreed to the proposal, it would open the door to inviting industries related to Aerospace, Defence, Semiconductor Park, Data Centre, and more, creating numerous employment opportunities in the district.

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