When Pets visit Bharatesh Primary School


One word that brings an instant smile on anyone’s face is ‘PET’. An animal or bird that one rears out of pure affection and love. The main reason for having a pet is that it loves its owner unconditionally. Especially brainier ones like dogs and cats, even rabbits, who lick, cuddle, hug, wag their tails and express their love. Children are fonder of pets and are adored by the pets in equal measure. The internet is flooded with videos and photos of kids with pets. A child learns a host of skills, behavioral patterns and also learns to share and express emotions when there’s a pet at home.petshop petshop

A day before Friendship day, ie. Saturday 1st August was special at Shrikant Payappa Hanminhal Bharatesh Kannada Higher Primary school. It was Pet Day. Students were asked to bring in their pets and they responded with abundant earnestness. Cats, dogs, sheep, tortoises, rabbits, lovebirds, parrots, a goat and fishes visited the campus. The school ground turned into one jolly place with those with pets proudly showing off their adorable friends to the other students. They explained the animal’s behavior, told the names, patted their backs and held on with utter joy visible on their faces. The teachers explained the importance of loving animals and having a pet.

Those who didn’t have a pet watched with amazement. Some tumbled, some touched and felt. Some were hesitant to touch a tortoise or a sheep but soon gave in to the animal’s charm. For some time, there was utter chaos with tiny kids shrieking in joy at the sight of so many animals in school. The secretary of Bharatesh Education Trust Shri Rajeev Doddanavar joined in the joyous occasion along with Dr. Govind Welling, Director of BETGBS.


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  1. Nice to know the initiative of the school. Exposing kids to pets is wonderful tool to develop balanced children.


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