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Where is Winter?

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Unlike most years, it seems that winter has decided to take a longer vacation than everyone expected. We are almost at the end of December and the minimum temperatures have been ranging from 16 to 18 Deg C.

Why is the weather so warm? Is it because of global warming? And if winter is starting later does that mean it will last longer? This may not be directly due to global warming, but yes it is one factor for the Ewe have been following a trend of overall rising temperatures over the years.

The lowest minimum temperature recorded in December was 7.7 on December 4, 1970, and the maximum recorded was 33.1 on December 11, 2012. As of now, the Max Temp is ranging between 26 to 29 Deg C.

The next few days would be partly cloudy and hence the there won’t be any drop in temperatures as well.

winterRobert Frost says ‘As near a paradise it can be’ while he describes the place in winter in his poem Winter Eden. One can very well imagine Belagavi in place of that paradise at this time of the year(even without rising temperatures) Waking up to dry noses and finding your lips chapped and skin dry, you may very well exult.

But this very winter brings tears to those suffering from asthma and susceptible to a cough and cold. Whatever the price to pay, one waits in earnest anticipation for the mercury to dip and wish it lasts longer than the New Year!

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