Awareness Program by Belagavi Rural Police Station at Jain College

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An Awareness Program was organized by Belagavi Rural Police Station in association with Jain College of Engineering to all MBA & MCA Students on 23rd December 2019.

As a part of Crime Prevention Month, Belagavi Rural Police Station PSI Krishnaveni GurlaHosur addressed all the students of MBA & MCA Department and created awareness of various crime-related issues to the students.

The objective of the program was to raise awareness and curb crimes against any common man, women, senior citizens, needy, children etc.

Speaking to Students and faculty, PSI Krishnaveni said that: there is no shortcut to success. All should work hard for the betterment of themselves and society. They should stop comparing with each other. She even created a lot of awareness on Cyber Crime and how to avoid it. She said that problems will be part of everyone’s life; youths should grow mightier than the problem and try to solve it, never involve in any kind of criminal activity.

She said that all individuals are too busy in their activities; they should show a lot of concern to each other. She quoted an example: If some individual is standing and if he/she needs help, people should have the concern to ask regarding the problem/ the reason and try to contact Police people immediately.

Youths should think about their future and work seriously to reach their goals. They should respect their Parents, Teachers, and Society. She appealed to all students that never involve in criminal activities. Always remember prevention is better than cure. Youths should have concern and love for each other.

She even said that “Need is the necessity of Invention but need should not be the reason for Crime”. She appealed to all the students that try to avoid crime before it happens. Police Department is always People friendly.

jain-psiShe appealed to students to help the Police department in order to avoid criminal activities. The public should support Police Department then only criminals can be completely eradicated from society. She informed students regarding the Fake messages in WhatsApp and other social media. First of all people should check the genuinity of the message.

She said that : Before participating in any kind of rally, know the reality. Do not believe/trust and forward fake messages. We all should act as a responsible citizen of this country and try to safeguard the public Property. She even created awareness of CAA and NRC to students and faculty members.

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