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Where theres smoke theres fire

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire always and currently Belgaumites are speaking about this a lot. This is regarding reports and sms circulating in the city about the MLA attacking the president of Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and industries on Monday.

The Entire media of town had gathered infront of the office of the MLA on Monday afternoon after they got news from their respective sources about an incident where MLA of Belgaum south allegedly attacked the President of the Chamber in his office and also showered some unparliamentary words as his blessings.

After this had happened the two after some LONG Closed door meeting at the same premises came out and denied that anything of such sort had happened at all. (this was on expected lines)

The entire episode that transpired was regarding a Rs. 6 crore grant for the Industrial area for which the MLA had called these officials for a meeting at his office. But he found that the president of the Chamber was having a spy cam with him and this instigated the situation and the entire episode of giving blessings occurred.

Will we ever know? What really went inside the meeting?

Ss no official complaint was lodged and as both parties denied any blessing session taking place, be sure “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

Something must have happened indoors otherwise why would anyone want to get blessings infront of others. We had heard about such things and even seen them in movies but now we have actually seeing it happen in our own town.

Is truth sometimes too true for common man to know? What happened and whatever happens, one thing is true……it is seemingly impossible to really understand a comprehend ” The games people play”.

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      • He is being diplomatic, at the same time taunting your common sense by writing as south Belgaum MLA. We all know who this person is???

        Belgaumites… take note and decide whether to vote for this MLA again. For this MLA 6 cr matters and he was even out to name PB road after ex- CM BSY road. To get a bert he will name the same road as Nitin Gadkari road or DV Sadananda Gowda road.

  1. I guess this article goes in a bad taste assuming on some sms circulating in city these days….. and moreover there is conflict in article between 2nd para and 2nd last para…… i more over found this to be biased, which is not recommendable for any MEDIA…… most of the time i heard only hues and cries about belgaum and never came across some achievements done in or by belgaum…….. the most funny things for me is border issue…….. as per my knowledge i see Karnataka as more efficient govt comparatively other state affairs.

    all above statements are my personal views.

    Prashant Belgaonkar

  2. our precious votes, the taxes paid by us (central, state, local) all go to a boxing in a closed ring that we do not come to know about.

  3. Vote this Rowdy MLA out….. this is just one of incident which has come out.Such incidents happen everyday to whomever opposes him


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