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White Topping of roads in Belagavi

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Belagavi is set to get a white topping on almost all major roads of the city.

White topping is the covering of an existing asphalt pavement with a layer of Portland cement concrete. White topping is divided into types depending on the thickness of the concrete layer and whether the layer is bonded to the asphalt substrate.

White topping roads have a design life of 15-20 years. Roads designed with white topping do not require maintenance for 15 years. Meanwhile, white topping roads along with provisions of footpath, shoulders, stormwater drain with proper chamber correction and all other utilities duct are sustainable. These have a long life, low-maintenance, low life cycle cost, with improved safety and environment benefits.

White topping
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White topping was being used widely in the US, Europe, and some countries in Asia. The white topping layer keeps the road intact during rains, as it prevents water-logging. This technology uses fly ash and polymeric fibre, besides cement and sand, which strengthens the road surface.

Congress road will be also have a white topping and work for the drains has commenced.

Construction of White Topping Roads in Pan Area of Belagavi City At APMC Junction to Kangrali Kh. Package-5 – Rs. 11,46,22,340.51 (11 Cr)

Construction Of White Topping Road In Pan Area Of Belagavi City At Bank Of India To Old Pb Road – Package-4 – Rs. 5,72,05,720.02 (5 Cr)

Construction Of White Topping Roads In Pan Area Of Belagavi City At BOI Circle – Nathpai Circle- Vadagaon Circle- Navhind Society- Rpd Cross – Tilakwadi 1st Railway Gate And Nathpai Circle – Kasturba Balikashram – Goaves Circle – PACKAGE-3 – Rs. 26,78,73,612.95 (26 Cr)

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