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Who took the vaccine Honey at the PHC?

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After the successful 1 Lakh + vaccine doses in Belagavi the numbers have come below 10,000 and above all this citizens are facing this unique shortage of vaccines.

Look at this tweet

Where ISuneal mentions, he took an appointment through the Cowin app and reached the designated Vantmaruti PHC, where he was told there is no vaccine today.

Is this something to adjust the book of records? At the same time, there is a political party vaccination drive going on in the same area.

Later in the day we found on the Cowin portal that 363 doses of the vaccine have been administered at the Vantamurti PHC today. At 3.44 PM Cowin portal shows 633 vaccines were given at Vantmutri PHC

If the appointment slots were made open then why is that the ones who had booked were denied Vaccination today?

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So where and how were these vaccines given ?

If even after booking an appointment on the Cowin portal, the vaccine is not administered and the staff says there is no vaccine today, but the Cowin portal shows 363 vaccines have been administered today from the same PHC, namely Vantamuri.

How is this?

Vijay Patilcommented – I booked an appointment this morning. Got a confirmation sms also. When I reached there and showed SMS , the nurse/asha worker said, we don’t have the vaccine. It will come on Saturday. Many people returned back just like me who had confirmation SMS.

Vinayak Desai – left a comment –

Today I booked at Chougulewadi UPHC.. After going there there is no vaccine available…

Shirin Shirin – left a comment –

Same here in Srinagar I went four times a day but they sent me back saying the shortage of vaccine but the next day I saw many of them got vaccinated that day. It’s true it political. I know the doctor who was in charge of it and the MLA.

Sunil Kadam – left a comment –

Same experience I booked at vantamuri colony uphc …. After going there no vaccine available….. Then why they are showing online..

Parashuram Bandache –

We also got appointment but in reality no vaccine at phc

7 thoughts on “Who took the vaccine Honey at the PHC?”

  1. This happen in Mutaga center apponitment and we visited the alloted time slot but no vaccine available in center.Then who took the vaccine.

  2. I read all the comments. It’s very saddening to see the political games everywhere for the political gains. We must understand that nothing is fair here. No one is sincere here. Even if you publish these reports of fake vaccination drives nobody is going to be punished because all are sailing in the same boat.

  3. All the vaccine doses are being diverted to the political parties. Shame on our MLAs and MP, our CM and feku PM. There are using vaccine to lure the citizens now.

  4. I have booked vaccine at Vantamuri Colony UPHC, Belgaum…..And I got APPOINTMENT DETAILS … Date 23 Jun 2021…Preferred Time Slot 11:00AM-01:00PM….. When I go there they said no vaccine available …..After that I get message that u have vaccinated Even I got certificate on cowin portal. I have not taken vaccine then How it is possible?.

  5. The counts are not realy, we went to vantmurhi vaccine center and was sent back saying no vaccines and the Cowin app issues a certificate for my spouse that he is partially vaccinated.. Dont believe the counts that people vaccinated.. check the ground reality counts and then try to publish the counts.. if such continues in another week all people will be vaccinated just as count n not with the vaccine shot..


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