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Whose JAM is it anyway?

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Monday morning blues have been extended to the afternoon and evening as well. The city slept as it did for so many years but got up with a shock that the British built Railway over bridge which starts at the Gogte circle and ends near Maratha Mandir has been closed for traffic.

The early morning goers did not face much issue as with less traffic they maneuvered around but just spent more time travelling. But as soon the sun started to rise, Traffic jams also grew and to cover a distance of 150 mtrs it took 20 mins at second gate with an ambulance for company.

rob-closedBuses could not turn from first gate, so a JCB came in around 9 and broke the divider at first gate. The second gate was a Mess with two way traffic and total chaos and almost 5 schools in the vicinity upto 1030 this was worse, later the jams began as each one had urgency to reach early.

DCP Crime Amarnath Reddy had to stop vehicles at 2nd gate and get some discipline in force. One can only take a Left from Second gate as well on Congress road same as First gate so again issues with people.

traffic-jam-robThe Kapileshwar RoB must have taken the highest pressure today, with long lines on each side where line even touched the Shivaji Garden on SPM road. Shani Temple side no one knows where he or she will land on the left or right, it was so chaotic. We had done a walk through on bike when the RoB was made in less than 120 seconds and now one needs more than 20 mins to cross the RoB.

At this moment we also need to think on the emergency services like Fire brigade, who have their station on Khanapur road and with closure of the road how will they service an emergency in time on the northern side is a great issue. The administration must make space for a temporary fire station somewhere in north of the city or this could be disastrous.

Was this closure only a trial or will it be completely shut for next 18 months, that’s the time needed for the new RoB to be complete?

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We did see the police but with very little staff with them how they will manage this is a great concern. Second gate has so many schools and with a large populace staying on the other side of Congress road, they will have to walk through or park their vehicles elsewhere or take a long turn.

May what it be but as citizens we must follow the traffic rules, be to your left and try and not overtake haphazardly.

Untill this JAM is cleared, and we come to whose Jam is it, Lets Pray and get ourselves some good civic sense.


4 thoughts on “Whose JAM is it anyway?”

  1. Hi…
    Looking at today’s situation
    I believe that authorities to lessen the pressure should allow movement of 2 w on the old bridge till the construction starts.. Or till the time it is usable

    So that this will give some relief to Belgaum citizens

  2. Hi, Amit
    Will you take responsibility if any mishap happens ? I hope you know that quality inspection report of the bridge says, there are cracks and its unsafe.
    Inconvenience is any time better than loosing precious lives.

  3. And above all this the condition of the Congress Road, surprisingly the Asst Commr of CCB Mr R S Naik travels everyday on the same road and he is not even ready to think about the bad condition of the road, and this person is awarded for his performance, truely a smart engineer from a smart city.


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