Why are Indian Cricket Players keeping their distance from one another? Thanks to Belagavi Company

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As various global organizations work night and day to finetune and administer the vaccine for and prevent the spread of Covid-19, industries are gradually trying to find their stride again, returning to functionality. The world of sports is coming back on track as well. But with the given rise in Covid19 cases across has accentuated the need for a Bio-secure environment.

The India vs. England cricket test series is happening as we speak. In case you’re wondering how they’re pulling it off smack in the middle of a pandemic, all credit goes to SenseGiz Technologies based in Belagavi.

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This company is the first in India to have successfully deployed a bio-bubble for the safety of all players and the support staff. SenseGiz Sentinel Platform is the name of the bio-bubble that’s keeping everyone involved in the test series safe and isolated from the outside world.

It entails the installation of multiple devices within the perimeter of the bubble – across the stadium, within hotel room corridors, kitchens, medical rooms, gyms, dedicated meal areas, what have you. In addition to these sensory devices, each person (player or support staff) wears the FIND wearable by SenseGiz Technologies, that enforces social distancing and helps with historical contact tracing.

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“With COVID19 cases on the rise, its imperative that we take extra precautions in creating safe zones for everyone involved in such large-scale events. Safety of all the players and support staff involved is the top priority for us. It’s a matter of great distinction that SenseGiz is the first Indian company to manage such large-scale Bio-Bubbles and we will ensure that it’s done the right way!” said Abhishek Latthe, Founder & CEO – SenseGiz Technologies

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Abhishek Latthe, Founder & CEO – SenseGiz Technologies

This IOT wearable device triggers alerts to the appointed staff-in-charge when the WHO norms of social distancing are breached. Additionally, in the event of someone having tested positive for the virus, the SenseGiz Sentinel Platform can aid in tracing all the people and areas within contact in the previous weeks. Following this, the individuals in question can be quarantined and the areas identified can be sanitized.

SenseGiz Technologies has partnered with BCCI for this ongoing test series, as well as with PMG for the upcoming Road Safety World Series (World Legends Cricket Tournament) in Raipur, to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

All products are manufactured in India, for the world, adding a feather to Atmanirbhar Bharat’s cap. Providing world-class bio-bubble solutions not only in India but to the world.

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