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Why doesn’t anyone care about me

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Thousands of people throng at me and travel to their destinations day in and day out. For so many years I have been bridging the gap between urban and rural. It may be any season of the year, but for me my priority is set, serve thy countrymen.

When I was made years back I was the main landmark people used to assign. But now my importance has been ablated. If you want blame it on my owners or people running the show.

Do you know by now who I am? I am CBT, Central Bus stand.cbt2

People landing in Belgaum are welcomed to the wonderful odor and this gives a lasting impression of the city, but I am helpless. Many plans were made for my revival but nothing concrete has happened with me. Very lately on this very site I had read that NWKRTC had planned to revamp me completely and tenders were floated in 2009 but Nobody came forward bid for my development on BOT basis.cbt1

A new BOT plan is being developed let us see if there are any takers for this at least or no.

Today I am with the same space and area and handling more passengers and buses than I can handle which is causing a lot of jams within my area itself. Belgaum has grown many a folds but I have not grown, I am still the same built years ago. No one even cares to repair the roads. Each one in the bus has to bounce and once the bouncing starts be sure your in Belgaum and if the bouncing is at a higher level you are at the CBT.

Not much care is being taken currently as my owners say I would have to go one day, I am so helpless when I see women and children alighting from the bus in the rains and they have no shed.

About 2500+ two wheelers are parked everyday and even this space is now not sufficient for parking and commuters there as well are not happy with me.

Till something is done to improve me I am helpless, kindly bear with me.”

– Central Bus Stand.

Photos: Krishna

3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t anyone care about me”

  1. Even a small town like Jewaragi near Gulbarga got a new bus terminus ,What happened to Modernisation of Belgaum Bus Station? Why not New buses like Gulbatga/Bijapur in Belgaum?

    • Because, no politician travels by bus, and neither do the influentials. So nobody notices the apathy. Sad but true.


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