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Why this fire?

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Miscreants, of CHAVA group set on fire a North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) bus in Latur, while another bus of the corporation was pelted with stones at Udgir, in Maharashtra on Sunday. No one was injured in the incident but it was done to demonstrate the anger of Marathi people against Kannad people, it is said.belgaum news


I have a question to all those who are doing this, why this fire? You burnt the bus there someone will burn a Maharashtra Bus in Karnataka today. Then someone will beat up someone and this will go on and on and what will Belgaum get?

The fire is burning somewhere else and the burns are somewhere else.

I take this opportunity to ask all Belgaumites, both Kannad & Marathi speaking to be calm and think over with a cool head. This matter just won’t end here I guess this time.

We need to think what will we get after all this? After the session is over no one will look at us and no one will cover Belgaum as they are doing now.

We have to live together here. We have to come together and tell all may what happen in the Supreme court, we have been living together and we will.


2 thoughts on “Why this fire?”

  1. This is absolute waste. I am pretty damn sure that these people who burn public property never paid tax. Had they been responsible citizens paying tax, they would have better ways of protesting without causing any damage.
    Both states have not done enough in the past for the development of Belgaum. Now when things started to look better, why are we causing a mess. We dont want Belgaum to be an orphan in all this selfish mindset of some misleading so call leaders.

  2. This is absolute nonsense. Is burning bus going to help Marathi people in anyway? The end result is disintegrating India on the basis of regionalism, linguistic basis. What is the probelm Marathi people are facing in Belgaum? What is the problem that Kannada people are facing in other parts of Maharastra? Nothing…. The politicians want to take mileage and stupid, ignorant, uncultured people following them. They would know the importance of damaging public property if they would have paid the Taxes. The people behind this cowardly act should be identified and should be brought under book of law and punished.


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