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Will SpiceJet start IXG-BOM flight Soon?

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Today we were amazed to see the inclusion of Belagavi in the list of destinations flown by SpiceJet. Belagavi appears only in the Flight Status page as of now and not the booking.

When we checked the site we also found out that, the Hubballi Mumbai flight booking is not available from October 28, so is it that the HBX-BOM flight will be shifted back to Belagavi and we get back the Belagavi to Mumbai flight.

From October 29 the Winter schedule of the airlines comes into force so it could be that SpiceJet could include Belagavi in its schedule.


However, at this moment nothing is confirmed.

In a tweet, MP Pralhad Joshi has replied that SpiceJet is feeling that business-wise HBX-BOM sector is not lucrative, and I am perusing this matter.

5 thoughts on “Will SpiceJet start IXG-BOM flight Soon?”

  1. This could be pressure tactics by Spice jet not to include IXG under Udaan through Pralhad Joshi,He we feel is more stronger then our MP, should be carefull..

  2. This is called politics. If some route commercially not viable then why should continue the service,better discontinue and start from BGM. Just because of politicians lobby spice jet shifted to Hubli.

  3. Spicejet administrators are unreliable and wishy washy. Before they discontinuing their service from Belgavi they have promised many positive things and suddenly reversed their ideas to shut down the complete service. Hopefully they will stick to their promises in the future.

  4. Today website of Spice jet is showing it has has continued booking of Mumbai flight from hubli from 28.10.18 onwards. So it looks spice jet may not shift Mumbai flight from Hubli. It also leads to suspicion that whether Belgaum will be included in Udan 3 or not. Only time will tell.
    Our leaders need to take note of this and do something to include Belagavi in Udan 3.


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