Wind power for Belgaum


TOI in a story mentions that new wind farm which is being set up at Kakti will generate 13MW of power. The work is in progress and is expected to be fully operational in the next couple of months.

Belgaum is already getting 216 MW of wind power from various wind farms, this 13 MW would be an additional to the same. Another important factor is, the 13MW of power will not go to the grid but will be supplied to Belgaum directly.

The power needs of Belgaum have grown over the years and currently the peak demand stands at around 130-145 MW out of which 55 MW is for industries. 


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  1. Windfarms are not reliable,their power output varies with the seasons and the wind currents.They turn out to be net negative never reaching full capacity.A waste of money,land and labor.Belgaum needs a more practical power source.A large politician incinerator.We have enough corrupt politicians to burn that is enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.

  2. Belgaum should have its power comapany why are we under HESCOM, even though Belgaum is being contributing to the state power grid , other cities like Gulbarga , Hubli and Bangalore is not even contributung a single MW to the grid still the power companies are based here


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