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Winter Schedule gives more wings to Belagavi

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Trujet Adds 4 destinations while StarAir adds 2

15 Flights to 9 Destinations

In the winter schedule announced by the various airlines, Trujet will commence its operations to 4 destinations allotted under the UDAN namely Hyderabad, Tirupati, Kadappa, Mysuru while Star Air will start its Service to Indore which will also be connected to Kishangarh Airport, Ajmer as per their schedule.

So one can now fly to Mumbai (StarAir, SpiceJet), Hyderabad (SpiceJet, Indigo, Trujet), Kadappa (Trujet), Mysuru (Trujet) , Tirupati (Trujet), Bengaluru (Alliance Air, Star Air, Spicejet-2, Indigo), Ahmedabad (Star Air), Pune (Alliance Air), Indore (Star Air).

Routes under UDAN 3.0 for Belagavi

Belagavi to Hyderabad – InterGlobe (Indigo), SpiceJet, Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Spicejet Commenced

Belagavi to Tirupati – Ghodawat (Star Air), Turbo Megha (TruJet)Commenced

Belagavi to Mumbai – SpiceJet, Ghodawat (Star Air) Commenced

Belagavi to Pune – Alliance Air Commenced

Belagavi to Surat – Ghodawat (Star Air) Announced

Belagavi to Kadappa – Turbo Megha (TruJet)Announced

Belagavi to Mysuru – Turbo Megha (TruJet)Announced

Belagavi to Indore – Ghodawat (Star Air)Announced

Belagavi to Ahmedabad – Ghodawat (Star Air) Commenced

Yet to be Announced

Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Ghodawat (Star Air)

Belagavi to Nagpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

Belagavi to Jaipur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

Belagavi to Jodhpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

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  1. Dear Editor,
    There was some news about the commencement of Direct to Delhi by the end of this year.Do you have any information in this matter?

  2. There are many students who are coming from Goa to study in Belguam. Sometimes it becomes difficult to go back by road specially during rains. I hope soon they start flights for Goa and Belguam too. Will really help alot and save our time too.


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