Winter session from Jan 15 in Belgaum


The winter session of the State legislature will be held from January 15 in the newly constructed Suvarna Vidhan Soudha. This was told to press persons by CM B S Yedruappa Bellad Bagewadi in Hukkeri taluk, he was here to attend the marriage of Umesh Katti’s daughter.

The session will run for a month he added.


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  1. Mr Vidhu indian ,If you read the history Muhammad -bin-Tugluq was very intellegent but lacked common sense. He could not freeze things and could not finalise decisions. He shifted the capital every now and then and hence there was a great losss in every aspect. The Capatial and secondry captial was not defined ,but the captial went on toggling. This does not apply to karnataka and Belgaum ,were the matters are transperent and clearly defined.

  2. Good for Belgaum as it will in the spot light for the duration of the session. But Legislature will not do any business as both Ruling and Opposition will again involve in mud-slinging and the tax payers money will be squandered. Had enough of Indian politics.


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