Woman dies after being hit by falling branch

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A young woman has died after she was hit by a falling tree branch near the Fire Brigade on Khanapur road, Basveshwar circle on Tuesday.

Megha Patil aged 24 a resident of Kore Galli Shahpur, was hit by the falling branch while she was going for the Mahaprasad on the bike. Her Husband and her two year daughter were escaped without injuries.

As the bike was passing by a branch fell on her head and she fell down from the bike and she died of head injuries.

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  1. A very sad death of Megha Patil. May her soul rest in peace.
    I remember a similar incidence happened in Bogar Ves many years back. The husband was driving the scooter and his wife was seated on the pillion seat. There son was standing between the handle and his father. While the vehicle was going on the father and son escaped, but a tree brach felled on the head of the mother and she died.
    Then is it a matter of coincidence or luck or a bad luck?


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