Belagavi police getting Hitech for traffic management

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Belagavi City, has witnessed a phenomenal growth in vehicle population. As a result, many of the arterial roads and intersections are operating over the capacity and average Journey speeds on some of the key roads in the Central Area are lower than 10 kmph in the peak hour.
Therefore, it has become necessary to establish plans for efficient traffic management in Belagavi. In this regard, Belagavi City Police have envisaged the “Belagavi Traffic Improvement Project – Bel-TRAC”.

A Wireless transmission tower for CCTV at Gogte Circle
A Wireless transmission tower for CCTV at Gogte Circle

Belagavi police to be hitech with body cameras, this story was posted on August 22, 2016 and now the Belagavi city is really getting hitech.

8 body worn cameras have arrived,  Hydraulic Vehicle Towing System mounted on Chassis of TATA 407 is also ready, new Traffic management centre is being established and new wireless communication systems are been put in place for the transfer of Live CCTV camera feeds from various circles of the city.

Under BelTRAC, it has been planned to adopt the Transportation Demand Management methodology where the latest traffic hardware and software would be integrated to make the transportation system more efficient and improve traffic conditions.

The Body Worn Camera will have capabilities of recording a HD video with a 12 MP camera and as well as audio and it will be given to the Traffic enforcement officers who normally levy the fine for a traffic violation.

All these activities are in various stages of completion and in order to establish an integration of all the components at the Traffic Management centre (TMC).

The TMC would receive the data/information from the field and the same would be received, understood and decisions would be made and the decision so made from the center shall be communicated to the end user to act on it to achieve the desired result.

The decisions so made from the TMC will be communicated to the officers on the field and for this the wireless equipment available with the Police will be made use of. 

The cameras located at strategic locations across the city would be beaming live pictures into the TMC.

Also traffic signals will be put up at 6 places including RPD, Basveshwar circle.

The traffic management team shall look at the live feeds coming in from the field and then based on certain parameters like tolerable queue length, congestion or an accident/incident that has occurred on the filed would be able to communicate to the field officers and necessary action will be initiated.

Also violations occurring on the filed can be seen through the system and recorded for further use as evidence in the court and also action initiated through communication to the field officers.

The Traffic enforcement cameras located at various locations across the city would be recording and beaming the violations into the TMC. The enforcement team would have to download the violations and then transfer the information to the automated enforcement system.

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  1. The main cause of traffic jams or traffic snarls in the city is due to heavy vehicle movement into the arterial roads heading towards NH4A. If something can be done to divert this traffic or building a ring road is the only solution.

  2. Fort road raviwar peth karnatak chowk bhaji market kalmath road anantsyan galli .sheri galli. Math galli here the traffic is always.why thetraffic police does nt visit these area.truvk from villeges come on ssturday and wednesday and they park.from morning to evening as they have opened transport on road.why the tower and camera has not been installed in this area.near union bank ofindia.raviwarpeth the passenger rikshaw people are standing and parking thier rikshaw as they have opened rokshaw stand.without helmet total in thease area punlic rome.but any cases by trafic of penalty no.16 tyres 18 tyres truck comes in raviwar peth any objection no.and he block the traffic..any emusson checked for trucks no.


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