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Women physically abused in Waghavade village – Cops turn a blind eye

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The New Indian Express has published a story which shatters our minds and we have to rethink do we live in such a society where the women are openly physically and sexually abused and the cops turn a blind eye to it.

Waghavade village is about 12 kms from Belagavi city and the horrifying story narrated by the women folk is heart shattering. No one wants to come up and speak even the school going girls are abused and they are in state of shock. They dont know what to do.

Here is a story of Waghavade village of Belagavi taluk, which seems to be same like Ramgarh village of Sholay movie. Here there seems to be no law for stopping rowdyism and theft, with villagers more concerned about the safety of their women.

Since about a month, the villagers of Waghavade have stopped sending their women out doors after dark hours due to the fear of few miscreants which are engaged in molesting activities. Several cases have been reported in the village wherein miscreants on two-wheelers physically abuse women walking on roadside. As all the street lights in the village are not functioning, the miscreants after molesting switch off the lights of their bike and flee. Due to the same the villagers are unable to note the registration number of the bike or catch them.

The view of road with no street lights between Hari Mandir and village, where women are targeted in dark hours by miscreants, in Waghavade village of Belagavi taluk.
The view of road with no street lights between Hari Mandir and village, where women are targeted in dark hours by miscreants, in Waghavade village of Belagavi taluk.

Recently, few girls aged between 14 to 16 years were roaming in the outskirts of the village in the afternoon when few youths sexually abused them. Since then, villagers are concerned about the security of the women, as the daring of those miscreants is on rise.

According to the villagers, the miscreants are reportedly the residents of Markandey Nagar, which are supported by few influenced politicians and police officials. This is the reason for them to avoid complaining with police. Also the objectionable attitude of an police official of the concerned police station has kept them away from complaining.

Theft cases is common in the village due to which villagers are worried. Water pumps, barrels, cycles and more, which are kept out doors, are stolen in dark hours. In late hours, the road of the village is very unsafe, as youths are seen illegal transporting hooch on their speeding bikes.

When contacted police, they said that they have not received any complaint from any villager of Waghavade. They said they will check in to the matter and take necessary action.

Allegations of Waghavade villagers –

  • Roopa Dange: The miscreants are victimising woman of any age, if they are found alone on the road in dark hours. Devotees of the village attend a bhajan session from 7 pm to 8 pm at Hari Mandir in the village. Most of the women are targeted while they are returning home from that session.
  • Vinayak Lohar: In a year span, several theft cases have been reported in the village, especially in fields. But villagers have not filed complaint with police as the stolen goods were not that expensive.
  • Meenal Desai: Recently, after miscreants sexually abused few girls of the village in day light, we have started feeling more unsecured. If action against those miscreants is not taken immediately, things may go from bad to worst.
  • Ravalnath Hundre: The miscreants are suspected to be residents of Markandey Nagar, which is a vote bank for few influenced politicians. Due to their support, the daring of those miscreants in doing such illegal activities is on rise.

Where are we heading is the biggest question?

If the Police only turns a blind eye to such heinous acts then whom whom should the citizens look upto?

Will the higher police authorities look up personally into this matter or is it that they only come to visit after a heinous crime is committed?
If the women are not safe in her own village then where else can she be safe?

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