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Lalach Buri Bala Hai – Say no to Pesky calls

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by Imran Sanadi

Its very gratifying to experience the technological advancement in our country. We live in a cellular age where “FAST” is the word – fast modes of travel, fast-food, fast 4G mobile data, etc. Yet we miss out on the very SLOW and simple stuff in our day to day life.

For instance, there have been tele-callers doing the rounds on Belagavi on BSNL LANDLINE numbers; claiming their identity from a very trusted organization – The LIC of India. If not 100% at least some % very near to it of our population has insured themselves for long term financial security.
Earlier the calls used to come on mobiles but as the calling number is easily traceable now they have started to call Landline numbers of BSNL only, where hardly anyone has a Caller Id working.
Our investigation showed the numbers are from Delhi and the ascent was also similar to that of Delhi.

Now the catch – The minute you hear LIC you tend to over-look the other finer details assuming it to be a genuine call. The caller goes on Blah! Blah! Blah! (I am so and so calling from the verification department of LIC office, Delhi) setting his sweet and juicy trap.

Sir, we need a few of your details to verify your account.” “Sir, we notice that there has been an unclaimed amount in your account which has since lapsed. We need a few details so that we can re-activate it and you can withdraw your amount.” These are some of the openers used by these scamsters.

Call from LIC, verification department, unclaimed amount – let’s give a try; after all what harm in trying. In doing so, you may give out your sensitive information which is sure to be misused. I know we Belgaumites are sharp enough to nail these scamsters yet there maybe some who might be unaware of these new tricks so thought of getting it to your notice.

The old Hindi saying, “Lalach Buri Bala Hai” still stands good. If at all you receive ANY CALLS claiming such offers, etc. please disconnect immediately. If you receive the calls again threaten them that you will file a complaint. After all precaution is better than being regretful later.

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