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Women power on the roads for better roads

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The women power of Belgaum gathered at Chennama circle and did a raasta roko and also submitted a memorandum to the DC asking her to look into the matter of worst roads in the city.12

The all women agitation was for the demand of better roads especially the ones in the Cantonment like the Khanapur road.

The memorandum also asked for proper markings on the roads for right turns- left turns etc. A need was also felt to have discipline for the city bus, auto drivers.

7 thoughts on “Women power on the roads for better roads”

  1. Appreciate!! the initiative taken…..even we are ready to be a part for anything good and improvement for Belgaum city…potholes are dangerous…we all need to come forward and be a strength for good cause..ultimately every1 is going to be happy..lets work for it….vision is already put forth now need to work for it….Belgaum with good roads…who does not want?

  2. Women power, dalit power, KRV, MES power, etc etc….. All fall short in-front of POLITICAL power. As far as MORCHAS, RASTA ROKOS are concerned, they are routine activity at KRC Circle.All these are nothing but individual or organizational publicity stunts. There is hardly any productive outcome out of these. The only language administration understand is "block the nose to open the mouth". The only solution i feel is non-cooperation with the administration. My suggestion to all the citizen is first try with Gandhian style if no result then the Savarkar/Bagat Singh style. The second option is result-oriented.

  3. good step taken by belgaum womens.even i would like to be a part for anything good and improvement for Belgaum city.Belgaum is very good city in India and it should have a good roads.

  4. Its time a CIty road improvement project is taken up. I suggest people to have a look at the Trivandrum City roads being developed on a PPP model in Kerala, Just Beautiful.


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