Women’s day at Hindalga Jail

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“It’s funny because we ask God to change our situation. Not knowing he put us in the situation to change us”.

While international woman’s day is celebrated all across the world, one such event was conducted today for the female inmates at Hindalga Jail on the occasion of International woman’s day. Infact not just female but male inmates also celebrated this day. This was a wonderful opportunity to peep into a completely different planet, a place where nobody opts to stay but are pushed as a mode of punishment, a place where these individual abandoned by the society for their wrong doings are given an opportunity to reform their lives once they complete their term.

With all the security checks and satisfying the jail protocol we were let inside. The women staff helped us explore this place and explained the various skill based programs provided. A beautifully decorated shamiyana greeted us where slowly all the inmates gathered. The leading ladies in the world of print media “Manisha Subedar and Keerthi” were honored along with the owner of “Tatte Idly”. It was interesting to know that “Tattle Idly” serves 45 plates of breakfast to Spandan NGO free of cost on everyday basis and then opens its business for the day. It would not be wrong to call them the real life super heroes.

Harmony“ an orchestra led by Santosh Gurav were invited to entertain the inmates. Initially what appeared to be tensed faces, fearful or kind of detached from the outside world and the outsiders slowly opened up. It is said that “music is a great medium to connect” and this proved to be so true at Hindalga Jail today. The smiles very contagiously spread and the whole atmosphere was positive. The group did an excellent job to entertain and there was not only singing along the troupe but the inmates danced as well. Some police officials opened exhibited their hidden talents and there was also a song by a prisoner narrating prisoner’s life but with great humor.

Icing on the cake was dance by Aajis of “Shantai Vrudhasharam-the second childhood” on Dil hai Chotasa and love you zindagi. This gained a standing ovation from not only the guests but the inmates as well.

These couple of joyful hours were gifted to inmates by superintendent T.P. Shesha and his team. People who helped execute this event were Mr. Vijay More and family including his extended family of Shantai Vrudhasharam, Mr. Gopal Kukdolkar, Tatte Idly (owner also addressed as Annapurneshwari) and others.

An increase in number of such reforming activities will surely bring in positive change. As a society we need to shoulder the responsibility to accept these inmates post punishment and treat them with due respect so that they do not revert to crime. This evening can be perfectly termed as “Joy of gifting smiles”

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  1. Kudos to the SP and team & the volunteers for organizing this event which will have a positive impact on the inmates. Nice to know Tatte Idli delivers free breakfast to Spandan – hats off to you guys.


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