Work of Over bridge at Kapileshwar could begin today?

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After a meeting held with the residents and occupants of Kapileshwar road, minister Satish Jarkhiholi said that the work on the Railway over bridge will commence on Monday. About 9 occupants will face some loss which will looked into the minister said.

rob kapileshwarIn the meeting held at DC office the road widening of Khanapur road was also discussed.

Corporation commissioner Ravikumar after a heated argument with Shirolkar who owns a building on Khanapur road retorted by saying: “I will be present with JCB tomorrow… If you don’t produce a proper document, I will demolish the encroached building.”

Jarkiholi said that alleged encroachers have been given 15 days’ time to produce documents proving legality of buildings situated between Mahaveer Bhavan and 3rd Railway Gate. “If they fail to submit the document, the encroachment will be cleared through a demolition drive,”.

Only 14 people have got stay order on Khanapur road as of now.

Mayor Kiran Saynak said that he had already moved out the stock from his shop and he is not coming in between the development of the city. Now others have stay which I cant do anything.

The question of why the Old PB road was made into a 66 feet road when in CDP it is 120 feet was raised but no satisfactory answer was got.

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  1. Threre is no need of Overbridge on kapileshwar gate, GO construct It on Dharwad Rd. instead of keeping sofa in living room they are keep it in the kitchen


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