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Work on Halga-Machhe bypass may not start due to court order

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The construction of the Halga-Machhe bypass may face delays due to a court order. Guardian Minister Satish Jarkiholi recently announced that the work on the bypass would commence soon. However, the court has issued a stay order, which means that the farmers have made it clear that the work cannot proceed.

The National Highway Authority has been attempting to construct the bypass for several years, but the farmers have consistently opposed it, often attempting to initiate the work under police protection.

Despite the farmers’ opposition, some progress was made in flattening the land, but the farmers persisted and took the matter to court. After hearing the farmers’ side, the court ruled that the work could not proceed until the zero point is determined and fixed. Consequently, the authority must issue a new notification.

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Despite Guardian Minister Jarkiholi’s recent statement to reporters that all obstacles regarding the bypass had been resolved, the contractor has not yet been appointed. It was anticipated that a decision would be made soon and work would commence promptly.

However, the farmers’ lawyer, Ravi Kumar Gokakkar, stated that the work is currently suspended, preventing its initiation. The farmers have continued their fight against the construction of the ring road in addition to the bypass. Consequently, the highway authority is employing various tactics to exert pressure on the farmers.

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  1. Instead of a perfect and shortest shortcut connecting Halga and Machche, we can see if we can construct a littlebit roundabout road between the two areas which passes through less agricultural area and hence favourable to those farmers too. And then may this new set of FEW farmers may agree.


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