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You have 3 mins Dwell time to pick up passengers and load luggage at Belagavi Airport

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By uday

The Belagavi airport has implemented a dwell time policy of 3 minutes for all vehicles picking up passengers and loading luggage. This time frame, set by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), is standard across all AAI airports.

This information was shared on post X by the official ID of Belagavi Airport. You can find the post here:

The dwell time of 3 minutes allows vehicles to wait in front of the terminal building after pick-up or drop-off. During this time, no charges are applicable. Additionally, designated parking areas are available for passengers who need to stay longer.

It is important to note that vehicles exceeding the 3-minute dwell time will be subject to a penalty. This measure is in place to minimize congestion and ensure that vehicles do not overstay their welcome in the pick-up/drop-off lane.

To simplify the process, passengers have a 3-minute window near the terminal for pick-up or drop-off. Any time beyond that will result in a penalty. However, there is some confusion regarding how these 3 minutes are calculated. Is it from the ticket issued at the check post en route to the terminal?


The distance from the check post to the terminal is approximately 400-500 meters, which Google estimates to be a 2-minute drive. This leaves only 1 minute for pick-up or drop-off. Furthermore, the lack of signboards addressing this issue is both frustrating and misleading.

The Belagavi airport has implemented a 3-minute dwell time policy to regulate pick-up and drop-off activities. Passengers need to adhere to this time frame to avoid penalties. However, there is a need for clearer communication and signage to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all airport users.

4 thoughts on “You have 3 mins Dwell time to pick up passengers and load luggage at Belagavi Airport”

  1. This is a loot because if you make the people framing this rule to complete pickup and dropout in 3 minutes and by calculating the time from the checkpost they too cannot do it.

  2. Hi,
    This is just boosting, and showoff. Practically it does not work. Authorities should ensure for political parties also. Paid fare passengers will not have any objections.

  3. I had argument on this with ticket boy while return.he checks time and say you crossed time give 20 rs.for this no rcpt they should issue 1 more tkt and amount should print on it.i belive a lot of corruption in it.if 3 minute then in/out counter should be within 100 mtr.not 500 is only fortroubling innocent passengers. And also trolleys are not available there.also number of other cars ahead of u.will again delay access to airport…in simple way it is loot


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