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Going to Belagavi airport: Ensure Swift Drop-offs and Pick-ups to Avoid Quadruple Penalties

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By uday

The concerned commuters have written a letter to the director of Belagavi Airport, seeking clarification on the collection of access or parking fees implemented by the contractor.

One user expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency in the parking fee collection process. The current contractor charges fees for drop-off and pick-up vehicles without providing any grace period for fee calculation. It would greatly benefit the citizens if your office could provide details regarding the contract between the airport and the contractor, including the terms and conditions, duration, and fee structure.

Additionally, I would appreciate information on any alternative routes or options available at the airport to assist commuters who only need to drop off or pick up passengers and do not require the use of the parking facility.

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In response to these concerns, the director of Belagavi Airport has stated, “

Airports Authority of India has engaged an outside agency on a revenue contract for car park management and lane management at Belagavi Airport as a passenger facility to avoid traffic congestion & for security reasons.

There are no charges for pick up and drop. The dwell time for pick up & drop in front of the terminal building is 3 minutes.

However, a penalty @ of 4 times of parking charges (Rs. 140/-) will be charged for staying more than the dwell time. Car Park cum Lane Management agency is authorized to collect the Penalty for overstaying in front of the Terminal Building and deposit it to AAI. The agency issues a receipt for the charges collected.

Parking charges are applicable for the vehicles that use the designated car parking. The charges for car parking are as below:

 0 to 30 Minutes30 Minutes to 2 Hrs
Two wheeler1015

Parking tokens are issued by the agency mentioning the vehicle number, timing and the applicable charges. Above rates are approved by AAI.

As you mentioned, there is no alternate route is required. Passengers can directly drive through up to the Terminal Building for pick up & drop in the existing route without overstay more than the dwell time. The tokens issued at the entrance are to access the dwell time. Parking fees are collected at the designated parking area only.

RK Patil CEO of Vayavya Labs said

3 minutes Dwell time? What world the @aaiblgairport

is living? Have you ever done a trail run from issuance of parking ticket, drop off & exit? Please be practical in implementations… can elected reps take a look


Goa has made it explicitly clear, 10 mins from entry to exit (including 3 mins of dwell time), which is fair. But also remember, its an international airport with far too many flights

2 thoughts on “Going to Belagavi airport: Ensure Swift Drop-offs and Pick-ups to Avoid Quadruple Penalties”

  1. I managed to exchange few emails with Director of Airports at Belagavi and got the following clarifications:

    Dwell time i.e. alight time in the lane in front of the terminal building for pickup/drop is 3 minutes. But the total access time up to 10 minutes( 7 min + 3 min dwell time) is allowed from entry gate up to exit point without parking anywhere. Unauthorized parking anywhere in between will attract penalty upto Rs.500/-. NO PARKING and penalty rates are displayed.
    The ultimate motive is to discourage unwanted parking of vehicles in front of the terminal building and also not anywhere in the vehicle movement area from entry to exit point.

    Regular passengers/citizens can now definitely breath a sigh of relief. Please make sure if the Contractor (parking) creates any problem, drag him to the office of Director or record the same and post the video.

    I hope the director also ensure this law applies to ONE & ALL including the Govt. officials,, politicians, police etc who use the airport.

    Thanks you Director,AAI Belagavi for providing clarity and timely response.

  2. It is really appreciate the concern of the authority . Politicians n Govt. Officials may also follow the rules, specially during some vip movement. Payment of Rs. 20/- shall not be the problem for them, hope so.


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