Work Pedestrian underpass at Fish Market could begin in some time


fishmkt_underpassThe members of the Cantonment board today visited the newly constructed pedestrian underpass at the court. This visit is being seen as a positive step towards the building a similar underpass at Fish market which was awarded to the same contractor at the same time as the one at the court premises. But for various reasons the work could not be started as the said road is under the PWD and part of NH4A.

The Details of the underpass at Fish Market:

Name of Work: Construction of pedestrian underpass near fish market

1. Estimated cost : Rs.14274236.00

2. Contingencies 4% : Rs. 570969.45

3. Consultancy charges : Rs. 300000.00

TOTAL cost Rs. 1,51,45,205/-


Time required: 9 months from issue of work order


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