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Yet another Family becomes homeless thanks to Master plan

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The road widening work of Darbar galli is in progress and even when Mr.Makbol Aga had a stay from the high court and his petition was pending before the Regional commissioner for a final hearing along with 77 similar ones, on Monday night while the JCB was digging the gutter it also removed the wall of Aga’s house making him almost homeless with only one small room. His toilet is also now open as the walls collapsed after the JCB hit it.
Now was this done on purpose is not yet known?

demolished housedemolished houseAga has already filed a contempt petition and building owners of Bhendi bazar had met the DC and then the DC had said it is very wrong to take such demolition actions when the matter is before him.

The old man’s family is now literally on the road as only one room is remaining but access to the room is cut.
Is this the kind of development we all are craving for?

By no means this can be called as development, the state which should come forward to safeguard its citizens; itself is acting otherwise which is very shocking and we have made to think where is the rule of law?

Similar instances have occurred in Ramlingkhind Galli as well when the entire homes were demolished and citizens were left homeless with less than a feet remaining, but they did not have any stay from high court and without any compensation.
But we as citizens must ask the administration questions –

Why no compensation has been paid ?

If the law states that compensation must be paid while acquiring land for road widening why is that City corporation does not want to pay it?

If the court has given a final order which includes a stay and matter is being heard by RC then why is the building demolished, is there no law?

Everyone wants development, big roads but what about compensation. All the 80 odd cases filed with high court and now presently before the RC state they are in favour of road widening but they need compensation as prescribed by the law. So is anything wrong in it ?

5 thoughts on “Yet another Family becomes homeless thanks to Master plan”

  1. It’s too bad, in certain cases of Khanapur road high court division bench have given orders & I was there in the court hall for other case. The judge was asking the land of road widening belongs to whom all gov advocates were silent & judge have asked them on what basis you have taken possession of the same without compensation

  2. Deep Condolences to all the families who have lost their Homes. Its sad to here such incidents in todays advanced world.
    “Power tends to CORRUPT and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY”,,
    This is where India is heading nowdays in the name of development, If this continues then what remains the difference between those who lost their home in ‘WAR AFFECTED’ countries & the current ones in our city.

  3. Compensation should be paid before doing any demolition for development. But corruption is so rampant – they will take half your money off it. When you have to bribe to even get your own hard earned pension or even a death certificate – very sad state of affairs.

  4. Very sad.. The development doesn’t need this. Please make the development of extension areas so that road widening is not at all required. If the officials only want to develop inside the city, then their mentality is like “Koopa Mandooka”. I strongly believe in development of entire city as whole. If you make available all the amenities, markets in the extension areas, then such kind of demolitions would have been avoided.

  5. maybe the corporation representatives have their personal interest in road widening, they must have acquired properties (from which they will benefit) if road widens, hence they are in such a hurry to demolish properties irrespective of stay from court order


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