Youth robbed on Club road at 9.30 PM

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A youth after finishing his work was returning home to Hindalga via Club road, where a group of two people stopped him threatened him took away 16,000 cash he had and also the bike he was riding.

The victim Vinayak Tuppat was headed home after work and while he stopped over to answer natures call a duo came near on a scooter and threatened him to hurt with a knife.

The duo took away the cash from frightened Vinayak and pushed him and also took away his bike.

knife-pointLater on with the help of passers by the police was called in.

Robbing at kinfe point was reported last week as well at Yamnapur, but that is on the highway, but this is on club road which is a connecting road to people going towards Hindalga.

The police will have to act fast and arrest the culprits otherwise this menace will go out of hand.

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  1. The street lights are not in working,, few months back an article had come up with Indian express newspaper about the lights not functioning on club road , few days they switch on the street lights and most of the time it’s always off ,, the concerned person who is responsible for the street lights should be held responsible


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