Anand Appugol is destroying evidence Police keep a close watch

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The DECCAN CHRONICLE has made this story about Anand Appugol who is facing charges of not returning deposits of his customers to the tune of Rs 250 crore is trying to destroy evidence.

It may be recalled that the High court had awarded him bail in connection with cheating thousands of customers of Sangolli Rayanna Cooperative Bank last week and Anand Appugol is expected to be arrested again soon on charges of indulging in destruction of evidence.  The court had given him bail on the assurances that he would he would repay all the dues.

anand-appugolThe story adds, soon after coming out of jail, Appugol hosted parties and meetings for a select group of bank’s customers at his posh farmhouse at Mannur, near Belagavi.


A bank customer, who was suffering from serious health problems, died unable to bear the cost of better treatment because of his poor financial condition. He was demanding Appugol and members of the bank management to immediately return his deposit of Rs 3.4 lakh which he needed for his treatment. His son had carried the ailing father to the Deputy Commissioner’s office where an agitation was held by bank’s customers a few weeks ago to show how badly the family needed money for the treatment. The patient’s family admitted him to the civil hospital in Belagavi after it failed to afford the treatment at a private hospital.  

Many close friends and associates of Appugol were also present in these parties. The Belagavi police said that by resorting to such activities, he could destroy evidence against him.

We have been closely watching all his activities and keeping a tab on it ever since he came out on bail. We also have photographs and video-recording of all the parties and meetings he held with select customers at the farmhouse. Soon, we will submit videotapes and photos to the court, urging it to terminate his bail,” said a top police officer investigating the case.

Sources said that Appugol violated many conditions that were laid down by the court before granting bail last week. He was asked to report to the investigating police team, but he did not despite sending a notice, sources said, adding that the police had taken the issue seriously as a large number of his customers are exerting pressure on the force.


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  1. Criminals have more rights in India than the cheated. Drop this fellow into a prison. Pick pockets spend more time in jail than this chap.

  2. Why people rely on private bank ??
    In greed to have more you will be no more!!
    Nationalised banks are their for safe and secure deposits.
    No body will get a single paisa from him.
    Just repent now.


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