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How to search name in voter list?

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Belagavi will vote on April 17 for the Loksabha Bye elections 2021 

It is essential for you to know if your name is on the voters’ list if your name is not there you won’t be able to vote even if u hold the Voter’s ID Card with you.

The Election Commission of India had recently published the voters’ list for 2018 on its official website.

How to check/search the name in the voter list:

Visit – —- Working Verified  – working verified

Here you have options to search by EPIC number (your Voter ID card Number) or name.

Searching with EPIC number is very easy

You can also see the PDF file of the actual Voters list but this will be a Polling booth wise and with no search option this is a tedious job.

Go here-

Click on your Constituency

——> click your Polling booth which will open a PDF file search your name in that



To get your polling booth details

type KAEPIC leave space your voter ID No. and send it to 9731979899

You will immediately get SMS with Booth No. & Serial No and polling booth details 

e.g:KAEPIC ASY1234567

BelagaviVotes100% a group of independent like-minded people has set up a dedicated line 08312424146 to help any queries from voters.

The BelagaviVotes100% has worked meticulously to create awareness amongst the voters through street plays, rallies and other events.




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