Youngest Candidate 25 Eldest 58 – 3 have Masters degree

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The stage is now set for the Belagavi Bye Elections for the Parliamentary constituency with the withdrawal of nominations.

8 of the 18 who had applied withdrew their applications and hence 10 persons are in the fray to become the Next Member of Parliament of Belagavi.

Statistics –

Men – 9
Women – 1

Youngest – aged 25 – Sreekant Padasalagi

Eldest – Aged 58 – Angadi Mangal & Satish Jarkhiholi


SSLC – 1
PUC – 4
Bachelors Degree – 2
Masters Degree – 3

Least – SSLC
Most – M Tech

Wealthiest – Satish Jarkhiholi

Three people have cases against them.

NoCandidate NameAgePartyEducationAssetsLiabilitiesProfessionCasesIT Return
1Angadi Mangal58BJPB Sc14,77,34,42660,23,631Business/AgriculruristNoYes
2Satish Jarkhiholi58Indian National CongressPUC1,55,20,56,18216,31,86,032Agriculturist & BusinessNoYes
3Vivekanand Ghanti31Karnataka Rashtra SamithiPUC 26352000180000Agriculture1No
4Venkateshwara Mahaswamiji35Hindustan Janta PartyBachelors degree37,44,81,101 (37.4 Cr)37,00,00,000 (37 Cr)NoFiled
5Suresh Maralingannavar48Karnataka Karmikara PakshaMA65200030000AgricultureNoNo
6Appasaheb Kurane39IndependentPUC1338000NilPublisherNoNo
7Goutam Kamble53IndependentM Tech6000000515000Teacher PrivateYes
8Nagappa Kalasannavar37IndependentMA28,44,700NilBusiness1No
9Shubham Shelke26IndependentSSLC388000NilSelf employed2Yes
10Sreekant Padasalagi25IndependentPUC157890075000NOFiled – NIL
evm - names-2021

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  1. Nirzara Anand Chitti GURUKUL EduTech You wrote a story on them

    , you carried a story on the couple . Every couple of days they would post a you tube video .
    Now for 5 months no videos on face book or you tube?

    are they safe and OK .

    I live in Roeburg Oregon USA and they do such good work for people every day .

    क्षमा करें, मेरा मतलब आपको नाराज करना नहीं है

    thank you very much.



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