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58 years same issues and similar candidates- we need a change

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The election campaigning is at its peak with just two days remaining for the canvassing all the candidates are trying to lure the voters. But the voters are still non committal or undecided.

Vilas, a salesman in a cloth shop says “what difference will it make if BJP come or Congress. Nothing is cheap and surviving has become a hard task. He said I will vote for someone, but that someone is not decided and not thought of also.”

change             It is this time, when the politicians come and fall at your feet once in 5 years and now they will hear to you, but will they hear after they get elected is a question. All the parties make themselves appear as to they are the most people friendly and they are the only one who can develop the nation (all political parties think they can develop the nation but the NATION does not think so). Independents are free birds as they did not get any ticket from a party or they just defected from one promise that as no party could keep up their promises they should vote for them.

The voter is not new to all this but he will have to give a verdict in the coming week.

Issues since the last 58 years have been the same. We will provide food, water, employment, price rise, community welfare, corruption etc etc. So what did you do in the last 58 years if you still have to provide the people with basic amenities of food, water and employment? Two new additions to that list ‘Stability’ & ‘terrorism’ has been added to this.

The Hindu has mentioned this which is worth reading and to the context:

Political observers point out at six types of voters, irrespective of socio-political issues before them.

First, there are committed voters for every political party. It is because of this reason that a party, even with very little or poor prospects of getting elected also polls good number of votes.

The second is loyalty to the leader belonging to his or her religion/caste.


The third type of voter compares both candidate and party and tries to arrive at a fair judgment under the given circumstances. However, the strength of this category of voters is not much too radically influence the verdict.

The fourth type of voter is the one who waits for the candidate to lure him to the polling booth. This is one area where candidates see potential to exploit by way of distributing benefits, including money, liquor (or both) and gifts. The seizures of large sums of money, stocks of liquor and gift articles during election stand in evidence to the observation.

There are a large number of first-time voters — the fifth type — young and enthusiastic, eager to exercise their voting right.

In view of their young age, inadequate understanding about socio-cultural and political nature of the country and the nature of contemporary politics, every political party tries to exploit them emotionally by raking up issues such as terrorism and religious fundamentalism as such issues make greater and instant impact as against issues such as price rise, corruption and welfare of the poor which are equally important in the development and progress of the country.

The sixth type constitutes the section which goes by the trend or waive in favour of a party as he wants to draw satisfaction of having cast his vote to the “winner”. But, in the current election, this section of the voter appears to be the most confused as any wave, either in favour or against a party is yet to emerge?

Above all, the last type of voter appears to be sitting most comfortable in all elections. They belong to all sections of society, they seriously discuss current affairs, condemn corruption and falling standards of political life, eager to see change and so on but refrain from voting. They form 20 to 30 per cent of the voters.

You may fall into any category of voters but the worst part is we have no choice.

In this election also there is a lack of choice says, Nitin who is a manager in a Co-op bank. He said we will be forced to vote for a party in Belgaum rather than seeing the performance of a candidate. If we don’t vote it’s our mistake but this election we don’t have an appropriate pick, he added.

Harshad, a businessman told this blog that this time it would be better to go on a holiday on voting day instead of voting for someone we don’t like.

In Belgaum this time caste & language will decide our MP, so all be geared in the next general elections you will have the same problems and promises and from similar persons.

Barack Obama said “I’ M ASKING YOU TO BELIEVE. Not just in my ability to bring about real change, I ‘M asking you to believe in yours”

Change we need.

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