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If I was MP of Belgaum

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If I was MP, is a very hypothetical question, but why can’t everyone believe this for a moment as in the shoes of a MP (Member of Parliament) of Belgaum.
What can
I do for Belgaum? [I request all to be the “I” here and comment on this post]

 iwasYou all must be witnessing on TV live coverage of various political rallies and road shows held all over India. But in Belgaum such events never happen or at least I haven’t seen any. I first voted in 1998 general elections and from there I have voted for all the elections assembly, corporation. But I have never seen a big rally being held in city. What you get to see is the candidate stands on an open jeep and does a Namaskar from the jeep and someone from the background shouts slogans. For some acting and environment building the candidate comes down from the jeep and falls at the feet of a few elderly persons to take their blessings and the elderly also heartily bless them as they know they will have to repeat it only after 5 years when someone like him or he himself will come back. No discussions or debates or in fact no manifesto or plans.

 The Congress declared its manifesto in this week; the BJP did it on Friday and made some hefty promises. Huge promises are made as they will not have to be implemented as there won’t be a single party majority and you will have adjust the manifesto with the allies, so the promises will only be fulfilled if there is a single party rule, which looks impossible these days.

 I have a question to the candidates for Belgaum- I know none of them read this blog but why don’t they come on a platform and have discussion in presence of Belgaumites. Put forth their plans and tell how they would be implemented once elected; But this hard to happen. What will happen is a small press conference will be done and staggered points would be detailed with no meaning.

 Normally development issues take a back stage in Belgaum as the language issue is in the fore front and also the caste bias while voting. This time also the same would happen.

I call upon all the readers to come forward and make some points what these to be MP’s should have or should carry out when they become MP.

Some might just say what the use is discussing it all here when nothing is going to happen. So what let’s make a start, all parties boast of making the use of the internet as a best tool for reaching the voters, Then someone might just read it and respond. 

 If we fall behind now, we will never come forward.

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