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Shahpur PS asked to bookcase against Abhay Patil for flouting COVID norms

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Abhay Patil led an ‘Agnihotra homa’ procession in Belagavi city on Tuesday May 25, claiming it will purify the air.

Flouting the Coivd-19 lockdown norms Patil along with a group of people was seen pushing a cart containing a burning fire of cow dung cakes, camphor, neem leaves, Guggula (gum resin) and other herbs to perform the homa on the streets of the old city on Tuesday.

At least 50 persons in his constituency had performed the homa in front of their houses. He vehemently denied that he violated the lockdown protocols.

The New Indian Express in a story today mentions that a case has been booked against BJP MLA Patil for violation of COVID norms.

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DC MG Hiremath has been quoted, Such a procession violates COVID-19 guidelines. Shahpur police has been instructed to book a case. If such processions are repeated again, stringent action will be taken.

6 thoughts on “Shahpur PS asked to bookcase against Abhay Patil for flouting COVID norms”

  1. What loss happen in it
    When homa is rituals signification
    No one will affect
    Only asking action is backed by unknown exposure of intentions

  2. ….. असो, किमान डास जरी कमी झाली तरी सर्व क्षेम

  3. At least they are seen wearing Masks and maintaining social distance with herble fumes. Whether Govt has guts to file a case for Covid – 19 violation against alleged agitators of Kisan Anadolan Jivi like Tikait and groups who were seen making alleged agitation without following any Covid – 19 protocol and without wearing Masks and also none were maintaining Social Distance?
    If so then the complaint of persons who are making such complaints can be considered.!!!!

  4. There is no use of this नौटंकी.Because,why they election organised? nowadays we don’t have jobs,money,proper education,good govt,everywhere is “inflation”, how do we survive with this situatiton.The lockdown,curfue, more dangerous than corona

  5. When ruling party doing such stunts when they can make this officially with proper sanitization including BM would be OK there are many ways to make healthy smoke to vanish mosquitoes. This is for publicity.

  6. What a great idea to save world .. Abhay sir .. honestly think about his vision.. whole world sud fallow this activity instead of taking vaccine … I don’t know why there is no case against sonu sood who is supplying all essential things to affected people .. Abhay sir and same minded politicians who are advising such activities instead of supplying essential goods to needy people should be sud be awarded with noble prize for this initiative… Well done Abhay Sir for sitting inside house and advising people how to die.


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