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Know progress of various works under Belagavi smart city project

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In January 2016, Belagavi was selected in the first 20 cities which were to be come Smart under the Ambitious smart city project.

Here is a list of projects under taken under the smart city project and its current status.

We will try and update this frequently so that one can stay informed about how the projects are been executed.

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Project No.Project Details Tender Close DateCostStatusWork Commenced on
1Construction of Two Smart Roads At KPTCL Road And Mandoli Road for Belagavi City27/09/2017 203878736.38Work in progress though on a slow pace, digging on the sides has begun03-12-2017
2Request for Proposal for Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of ICT Solutions Including Establishment of City Operation Center in Belagavi04/11/2017 —-Bharat Electronics has got the tender for 46 CroresWork in progress
3Construction of Two Check Weirs in Heritage Park for Belagavi City27/09/2017 38035711.5Tender awarded to G MASTHANAIAHWork in Progress
4Request for Proposal for Hiring of Energy Auditing Firm for Energy Auditing of Street Lights Under Smart City Energy Efficiency Program At Belagavi City20/09/2017 Tender FloatedYet to Commence
5Construction of Building for Command Control Center At Cts No: 3933/A3, Visvesvaraya Nagar in Belagavi City28/12/2017 28942258.56Tender FloatedWork in Progress
6Construction of Bus Shelters in Belagavi City04/01/2018 18548939.83Tender FloatedYet to Commence
7Road Side Drinking Water Kiosk (Phase-I) in Belagavi City09/12/2017 3744325.87Tender FloatedWork in Progress
8Improvement of Kanbargi Lake in Belagavi City08/01/2018 42830933.82Tender Floated CALL 2Yet to Commence
9Not able to Trace. We are working hard to find this tender  Yet to Commence
10Improvement of Nath Pai Garden in Belagavi City16/01/2018 9258849.34Tender Floated
Yet to Commence
11Rehabilitation Shelter for Stray Cattle in Belagavi City.22/01/2018 6428589.29Tender FloatedYet to Commence



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  1. AAB, Is it possible to have the name of contractor also published? That way citizens will know which contractor did what quality of job.

  2. 1.In the earlier Decades/Genarations , providing and maintenance of Roads was the responsibility of the Govt . Today with thrust on E commerce , Govt should provide for free High speed Wifi for all the Citizens .
    2. Citizen involvement should be more and more for transparency and professionalism .
    3. Orders should be , apart from Quality and Price , should be given to Public sector / Pvt sector Companies with majority Shareholding by Public that way nepotism can be controlled .


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