Awakening Belagavi

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By Satish Kumar

Its called “you need spark to shine” well I believe not always though, some will have it in them naturally, I am talking about people of liveable loveable Belagavi, this place had made special place in many hearts, and being Belgaumite that I proudly call myself, I found many such people along, just sharing about few fellow Belgaumites today.

It was when my blog buddy Uday who always run AAB for a good and common cause for citizens of Belagavi, got me into FOAB (Federation of Association of Belagavi) WhatsApp group headed by Chaitanya Kulkarni (CREDAI President) started as Save IXG campaign and I realized there are so many who aspire and have broad vision for Belagavi to grow as city with sustainable development without losing its charm. The Save IXG won its objective of getting flight connectivity back to Belagavi airport, from loss of 5 to 0 to nearby city and now 1 to 8 flights daily back in skies of Belagavi, it was a tremendous success to cheer.

Now the journey to fight back to get flight doesn’t end up here, I am talking about few same aspiring young boys, I should call them responsible netizens or twitteratis of Belagavi, started a group with so many questions to seek and see city grow and get good facilities, better air, and rail connectivity that should benefit common people of Belagavi.

Namely Ashwin Patil, Nikhil Patil, Krishna Giriyannavar Atul Magdum, went ahead to meet Airport Director Rajesh Kumar Maurya, such a wonderful soul he is (Mr. Mourya), seeing their enthusiasm, their vision for city and Airport, and what’s on card for future growth of Belagavi Airport, new flights, cargo hold, MRO new hangers, Mr. Maurya gave around good time to chat and as a goodwill gesture of the visit he twitted their zeal on official twitter of @aaiblgairport and also opened his office door every Saturday for students, Artist and professional to meet him with suggestions and discussion.

And there are more these boys wanted now, that was when our Hon MP Mr Suresh Angadiji got inducted into Union Cabinet as MOS Railways, along with Shiva and Shailesh a Vlogger makes YouTube videos on railway development happening in and around Belagavi, approached me for plans that can be submitted to our Hon MP so this will give a boost and thrust to city of Belagavi and its people.

I am sharing the same vision with all the inputs these boys have given me, and they just aspire like you and I do something good and see something better for Belagavi in the near future.

Proposed design: Track layout and Southside entrance

railway-plan belagavi

The south side access is already permitted by Hon MOS Mr. Suresh Angadiji and tender is out and soon work will begin to progress, this will be the only station in Karnataka after Bangalore and Mysore to have full fledge platform and building with a double-sided entrance.

Lines sidings and pit lines to enable more trains to originate from Belagavi, a stabling yard, and pit lines are needed for primary level maintenance, washing charging, and water filling. Shown below.

railway-plan- pitlines
The plan for the good shed being moved to Sambra there was a question why not Desur the next pic its answered

The tender for movement is already permitted by our Hon MOS Suresh Angadiji, so this plan is taking shape.

About Desur it is already homing two important railway sidings one for Oil bulk depot and other for ICD (inland container depot or kind of dry port) CONOCR container corporation of India, it will enable direct sealing of containers by Excise and customs so goods can be moved out to ports directly, the industrialist need to support and utilizes this facility of ICD to export and expand. So in order to avoid congestion here at Desur, the goods shed movement to Sambra was taken, besides with overall growth and future perspective, Sambra will serve as a future satellite station and be renamed as Belagavi junction and current station as Belagavi City.

container depot
So further what more these boys want for us is the much-needed faster connectivity to Bangalore, Belagavi to Dharwad direct rail line, that will save huge time cost and fuel, reduce carbon footprints decongesting the busy NH4.

kittur-rail-lineAnd another line to connect north interior hinterland of Karnataka to give port connectivity from Vishakhapatnam-Vijayawada- Hyderbad-Raichur-Bagalkot-Lokapur-Belagavi-Londa-Vasco

raichur-rail-lineAnd just not this we need new trains from Belagavi to start, here is the wishlist

And the boys say “Yeh Dil Mage More”

A number of trains to start and terminate from here are very limited only three passenger trains Belagavi-Miraj two and one Belagavi-Hubli fast passengers originate from here, occasionally a weekend or festival special is run from Yeshvantpur- Belagavi.

Possible needs and trains to run from here with possible benefit and profit routes are listed below Belagavi Vasco Daily Intercity -Hiranykeshi Express (will help Défense people for onward journey to south on KR)

Belagavi Pune Daily Intercity — Tamrpani Express
Belagavi Bengaluru Daily Jan Shatabdi and overnight Mallaprbha Express
Belagavi Chennai Express Belagavi Mysore Express Belagavi Vijayawada Express
Belagavi Solapur Passenger
Belagavi Satara Passenger
Belagavi Gadag Passenger
New trains to pass through from
Belagavi Mysore Nizamuddin Swarnajayanti Daily
Humsafar express Daily
Pune Erankulam Daily

Belagavi Railway facilities and institutions
New Electric loco shed
Since Belagavi is centrally located and in view of future lines of expansion, it will best serve as a center point for an electric loco shed to be established here, this will fuel the growth of employment and already many Belagavi based foundries and Hydraulics industries are OEM supplier of railways.

Railways staff training college
The serene beauty and celebres climate have made Belagavi training center for most central government organization such as IT BP (Recreation Center), Indian Army (Commando School), Indian Air force (AT l), State Bank of India, Medical Council of India research center, its an urge for research Railways too establish, some level of staff training college here

New Kendriya Vidyalaya and Hospital for Railways staff The growing trends and feasibility of the development of railways in Belagavi would need more educational and medical support for railway employees, so KVS can be written to set up a Kendriya Vidyalaya school here and also a railway hospital at par with Miraj and Hubli.

This is my tribute to all the people of Belagavi along with these young boys, and my blog buddy Uday the first net connect for Belagavi and its development, besides it is just an e-connect via twitter with these boys, we all are yet to meet soon though, but more than that it was their zeal vision and growing aspiration for city, I am glad many getting to net and social media to raise and demand the concerns for society and the city we live in, I ask for more voices and such net connects, let it thrive more and I wish the liveable loveable Belagavi make more place in hearts of many.

I remain as is “The Proud Belgaumite”

12 thoughts on “Awakening Belagavi”

  1. Railway Integral Coach Factory (ICF) project is failed in Kolar, bcz of hard water and we have land and smooth water facilities in Belagavi so Integral Coach Factory (ICF) so I request to MOSRs Shri.Suresh Angadiji plz take neccary action on this project at Belagavi thank you.

  2. Awesome if there goods train moved to sambre. Their will be 5 platforms and more train. Dinner train must irrigate from there city too that’s great and route Hyderabad and Bangalore to need to be shorten. Now it’s your turn We belgaumites have done our job electing you hope you stand to our needs , hope that belgaums elected representative now it’s your show time .The new design is awesome. Please do provide elevator and lifts at each platform please maintain cleaniness. The worst thing I have during train journey is they pee and potty and don’t flush yaakkkk. That’s just disgusting how unhygien those people are please teach them they place their dirt where ever they go

  3. Thanks to the group for the wonderful vision of Belgaum. Though not directly connected, I would also suggest ROB ( where party of the funding is by railways ) at first gate and second gate with latest design ( as suggested by some guys for third gate) and not the planned one which is normal flyover. This will sort out the problem of heavy congestion at these gates.
    I would request Mr. Angadiji to take up these projects as well on priority basis.

  4. Congratulations to Save IXG group and others.

    Improvements in Railway Services is urgently required on following three routes.

    1 Day intercity express trains between Belgaum and Karamali via Madgaon.

    2 Night train to Pune at convenient timings.

    3 Reduced running time for train to Hyderabad

  5. We r heading towards a new era for Belgaum people…never thought this would b possible nearby…but sincere thanks to our state railway minister Shri Sureshji Angadi… Proud of u sir…Hope u continue d same motto in future…Thanku again

  6. Angadiji, we lot of hope’s & exception.. Frm u… this is the right to Grab centerl schemes to Belagavi city….!!! Lot off people blame..u.. Angadi eanu kesala madilla… DON’T WAIT 5YEAS COMPLTION NOW ONLY START one more MPs joshi showing very aggressive… Last time we IIT Belagavi.. Udan scheme after fighting we got it… schemes..!!!this pls create pressure… All cabinet colegues… New project……? Don’t focus only Train facilities apart others big project fr citiy development… then only increase Belagavi people per capita Income will grow…!!! Flights connectivity I’ll increase…. Otherwise.. We loose city development..!!

  7. Get IT companies to belgaum it’s need of hours as well for future plan the city such that it much not lose it’s Flora and fauna also have metro train plan now it’s good time as the city has not fully grown for future we need metro for easy commute. Plan it such a way that the city doesn’t lose its charms don’t invite the lazy bulls for it. They only have greed for money. Call younger, volunteers they’re ideas will grow the city

  8. It’s all happening in belgaum
    Let us make it. Into another green silicon valley as we have budding talent in belgaum

  9. It is good idea to have belagavi jn around or near airport and belgavi dharwar direct rail line. Our belagavi mp and minister can do. Let us form a pressure group for rail connevtivity as u did for ixg.. Rail connectivity van boost economy in big way and is need of the hour.. I reside in basavan kudachi.. Will be happy to support ur efforts from this side of belagavi..

  10. New creation miraj zone south west east zone miraj JN green signal miraj gunji Ratnagiri mubabika miraj Satara miraj parlivajnath


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