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Basavaraj Umrani the Visually-Impaired Human Computer from Athani Belagavi

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Basavaraj Shankar Umrani, 23, was born blind, but this youngster from Athani, Belagavi, didn’t let that come in the way of his extraordinary talent. He is known for his extraordinary mathematical calculation ability and for his vast memory.

Basavaraj Umrani eyes Guinness World Records for remembering 10001 mobile numbers. He can remember the calendar of 100 years and do complex additions and multiplications of upto 10 numbers each in seconds.  He first understood about this talent when he was 8. Back then, he used to solve arithmetic problems of up to four digits.

Basavraj lives with his parents and a younger brother, and is the sole bread earner of the family. Having completed his B.Ed, Mr. Umrani intends to do a masters in mathematics and calls Shakuntala Devi his greatest inspiration.

basavraj-umraniUmrani says

his mathematical talent would not have been possible had he been born with eyesight.

I do not view this as a handicap. I have been able to focus my mind which might not have been possible if I had vision and the distractions that come with it.

He can tell the exact day for any date between 1900 and 2017. He can also be called a ‘walking watch’, since he can tell the exact time at any moment of the day, without anyone’s help. Not just this, he can also tell you the value of currency notes just by touching it.

Basavaraj to multiply, subtract, divide or add any number; he calculates it in his mind and gives the exact answer, almost instantly. While people can’t remember more than a few phone numbers, and need to look up contacts on their phones, Basavaraj’s brain itself is a storage for phone numbers. He remembers all his contacts with their numbers.

basavraj-umraniBasavaraj is a cricket fan and, thus, remembers runs, wickets and other records of most international cricketers, which, sometimes, even commentators find hard to do. Basavaraj also recognizes currency notes, does programmes on tricks for mathematics and personality development, and pursues music as an added passion.

Humans such as Basavraj are an inspiration to this society.

Source:, TOI, The Hindu

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