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Doctor is mentally unstable and he used camphor to torch cars

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Dr Ameet Gaikwad, an assistant professor in the department of Pathology at BIMS Belagavi has been arrested by the police as the accused for burning 10 cars.

On Wednesday morning 7 cars were burnt in Jadhav Nagar and in the evening again 3 were burnt in Camp and Vinayak Nagar areas.

The police were able to catch hold of this Doctor Ameet Gaikwad (37) who is originally from Kalaburgi and sources say he has burnt about 10 cars in Kalaburgi as well.

Last night a security guard posted at Vivanta apartment,
Visvesvaraya Nagar  saw a suspicious man who had parked his car and was moving around another parked on the street. The security guard informed the police and when the police caught him and searched his car KA 22 N 6244, they were astonished to see petrol cans, cloth, camphor, 5 mobiles, lighter, scissors, 2 knives, hammer, engine oil, spirit, diesel can and cloth balls.

Doctor from Kalaburagi arrested for setting cars ablazeThe police say that all the 10 cars burnt have been burnt by this person alone and is mentally unstable as he was relieved from his job and sent on mandatory leave by the college for his unusual behavior.

The police said that he used to place cotton balls or cloth pieces dipped in fuel on the bonnet or elsewhere place a Camphor piece on it and light it.

However sources say that the Doctor hasn’t spoken as to why he did this? Even after repeated questioning and why you have camphor packets in the car he replied he can show the bills.

The police who assume Dr Ameet Gaikwad to be the sole accused as of now will throughly interrogate him further and try to divulge the exact reason behind this act.

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  1. This is a Eye opener for all the parents,Teachers .The kids should be brought up and taught to be mentally strong,Attitude to life,Moral Science,tackle with life situations and optimising infinding solutions to problems.The photo of the man Shri Ameer Gaikwad,Asst Prof at BIMS is definately very intelligent if not a genius.The reason for his mental disorder could be failure in his ambitions,family problems or any other problem .His mental problems could be failure due to any of the reasons said before.Its high time for the Social Scientist to intervene and alert for parents,Teachers in up bringing the kids .

  2. Good job Police but Great Job was done by the security guard of Vivanta apartment, Visvesvaraya Nagar, I believe that Belgaum police will take a step and honor this person for taking action bravely and actively. He might have just saved somebody’s beloved car standing there outside to be the next prey.


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