Doctor from Kalaburagi arrested for setting cars ablaze


After the shocking incidents of setting cars on fire in Belagavi, the police have arrested Dr. Amit Gaikwad who is working at BIMS and is originally from Kalaburagi.

It may be recalled that on Wednesday morning about 7 cars were torched in Jadhav Nagar and another 4 were set on fire on Wednesday night.

Doctor from Kalaburagi arrested for setting cars ablazeDoctor from Kalaburagi arrested for setting cars ablazeIt is also said that similar incidents that had occurred in Kalaburagi were also the handy work of this doctor the police say. 

He had set 7 cars on fire in Jadhav Nagar and 3 cars in camp area and had attempted one car to set on fire. He was arrested from Viveka Apartment Sadashiv Nagar.




  1. I think he was angry with the people having car and no parking area, and park them on road instead of their house.

  2. Good job by police for immediate arrest, otherwise dumb anti social elements of Belgaum had good plans to give it a religious face.


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