Another 4 cars set on fire in Belagavi


As many as seven cars parked on a road in Jadhav Nagar in Belagavi in the early hours of Wednesday were set on fire. They were parked outside bungalows and apartments.

After that incident on Wednesday night around 8 PM two cars were set a blaze at near Queens Garden and then more cars were torched at Vinayak Nagar around 8.45 PM.

CCTV footage (Jadhav Nagar) showed three persons who came in a car setting fire to the parked cars. They were wearing helmets to avoid being spotted and their car had no number plate.

Another 4 cars set on fire in BelagaviPolice Commissioner D.C. Rajappa has constituted a special team to crack the case.

The modus operandi of the miscreants seems to be the same where they come in a car and wear helmets to avoid their faces been seen and then use a cotton ball dipped in fuel place it on the car and then torch it.

Such perpetrators must be arrested and punished at the earliest.


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