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ADIGEMANE on wheels – newest food destination

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A food truck is a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell frozen or prepackaged food; others have on-board kitchens and prepare food from scratch. Sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, and other regional fast food is common. In recent years, associated with the pop-up restaurant phenomenon, food trucks offering gourmet cuisine and a variety of specialties and ethnic menus have become particularly popular.

Relatively this business concept is not new. It has started up in India long back in Hand Powered carts which sell anything from chaats to idlis. Food trucks are bigger versions of these with the ability to have about 3 people working in it and also have electric power supply.

ADIGEMANE on wheels – Food truck Pioneer in Belagavi

The basic concept remains the same where in the food is prepared in a base kitchen. The food bases or a few dishes are prepared in a location that has a full-fledged kitchen and loaded up onto the truck to be later fully processed and served.

Foods like Idlis, Dosas Chinese or American fast foods are the cuisines offered since they are easy to prepare in the small confines of the truck. The truck is also equipped with water tanks and generators which are used for cooking and to power the electrical equipment.

The first food truck in Belagavi is ADIGEMANE on wheels which feeds the sandwich craving people some great sandwiches, Frankie’s and Maggi. They Belagavi’s cheesiest sandwich known as giant Cheesy sandwich and all is Pure Veg. 

Speaking to AAB, promoter Aditya Yeddanpally said,

Belagavi has a variety of restaurants that offer food at different price ranges. But for someone who want s the convenience of having food in prime locations either the food is expensive or the restaurant is not easily accessible. We aim to fill the gap here by providing some authentic food cuisine at affordable prices. Also the main advantage of having a restaurant on the move is that you can cater to a variety of audience and keep changing locations according to the business, which isn’t possible in a proper restaurant.

Aditya, adds –

The idea of the food truck is to provide hygenic food at affordable cost. We have a wide variety of foods available in our truck ranging from the best Sandwiches and wraps in Belgaum to some mouth watering and saucy Indo Chinese food. My personal favourite is the Giant Cheesy Sandwich which is like the most premium sandwich and has loads of cheese.

As of today there are just 2 full size food trucks, us Adigemane On Wheels and the newly launched The Italian Escape famous for its Wood Fired Pizza and Ravioli. There are a few smaller food trucks and vans operating in the city though one of which is Lime Cart which serves the best Cordonbleu and Hot Dog Rolls.

Aditya’s passion for food got him into this and he is also present in the truck many a times to cook or help out in the process.

Aditya further adds,
The best part of this is the satisfaction I get when people praise the food we serve. Being an Automobile Engineer and working with some big brands gave me access to my passion of bikes but my hunger for good food wasn’t satisfied. With this i am being a foodie, a mechanic and also enjoy some days off on my bike. Since Belagavi is my hometown I had to shift back sooner or later and because I had seen trucks operationg in a large scale in bigger cities like Pune and Bangalore it struck upon me as to why isn’t Belgaum being the second capital of Karnataka not having a single food truck. That’s how I pursued my dream to bring in the food truck revolution into Belagavi.

When we asked about the drawbacks, Aditya said,

Every business has its fair share of drawbacks. Since we have just started business many people don’t know what a food truck is. While food vendors are regulated by the Government there are no rules yet in place for food trucks. We are considered on par with street vendors even though we have full sized kitchens and maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @adigemaneonwheels for location updates and specials that we keep adding.

ADIGEMANE on wheels
Current location: Opposite Gogte Collge of Commerce

5 pm onwards.
Pure Veg sandwiches, Frankie’s amongst other delicacies including rice items. They will add panini and chocolate mousses soon.

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