Belagavi airport has tremendous scope for growth and developing Belagavi


The Belagavi Airport one day can easily become an international airport and a cargo terminal and with the growth of the city, this airport can be a hub and even act as a catalyst for this wonderful city, said Mr Rajesh Kumar Maurya, Airport Director, Belagavi Airport.

Speaking exclusively to Kiran, our features editor from AAB, the soft spoken Rajesh Kumar Maurya spoke on varied topics from what is in store for Belagavi in the coming months to what he wishes to see on the airport.

rajesh kumar mauryaShri.Maurya said that he was looking for partnerships with the budding artists who can come and display their creations at the airport and make it look like an art gallery. He also wishes to give on else space infront of the terminal building for some Flori-cultural activity, by which the farmers can earn and the airport will also get a greener beautiful look.


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  1. Àai. Can’t and cannot impose destination services to any of the private operators.

    Private operators have right to stop the services. At their will and wish.. based on their business models.. simple as like any of any business we deal into..
    If numbers do not match u stop the services..

    It’s the Indian airlines which has to operate..
    While IA is in tremodous loss.. how Do we expect.. the services will be catered..

  2. Let them make a humble start ,flights to Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Delhi in the First Stage , later let us get connected to other cities

    • Oh … are talking about Riyadh !!! First let them operate regular flights to Mumbai and Bangalore…


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