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Belagavi gets first water park Yashneesh Fun world

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An exciting summer for water parks is just around the corner, as Belagavi’s Yashneesh Developers unveils Yashneesh Fun World, with the India’s first free fall and true vertically looping water slide’s will open its door for public on May 7. (Earlier it was April 29)



This is the First Water park in Belagavi to be opened. Located around 12 kms from the city and 3 kms from the Jain College of Engineering, Tipu sultan Nagar this facility boasts to be one of its kind in the city

Promoters of the project Sunil Sejwadkar and Mahesh Araksali said

With Yashneesh Fun World poised to become the most extreme slide in the world, we’re tallying up the country’s most exciting and thrilling water parks for the 2017 season. From a deep dive down the country’s tallest water slide’s to 6-foot swells in one of the country’s largest wave pools, thrilling splashes for the whole family await at the country’s best water park. This water park has been built in about 8.5 acre land with over 2500 plants.

25% inaugural discount upto May 15, 2017


yashnees-water-park-belagaviyashnees-water-park-belagaviyashnees-water-park-belagaviThe park will be open from morning 10 am to evening 6 pm so that people can enjoy different water games and slides. There are more than 20 different water rides which includes four slides, kids play zone, bumper boats, rain dance, banana ride, wall climbing, vast swimming pool and also includes a dry game area for Paint ball shooting, archery, darts, Trampoline, ATV rides.

Entry Fees: 660 for Adults (Includes breakfast, Veg lunch, and evening tea.
Children with height from 2.5 feet to 4 feetRs.450
Children with height below 2.5 feetFree Entry

Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM

Location: Yashneesh Fun World, Kuttalwadi, Belagavi
Telephone : 090366 56365

How to reach: Take the Peeranwadi Road
Turn Towards Jain College of Engineering, Tipu sultan Nagar, opposite Divine Mercy School on VTU road for about 3.4 kms


0 thoughts on “Belagavi gets first water park Yashneesh Fun world”

  1. O so belgaum will be on the water park map . any transport facilities for group bookings ? from camp / ganeshpur and areas around ?

  2. I was too excited for this
    I was waiting for an long time for this good news
    Congrats sir
    N thank you so much for this wonderfull gifts
    For entertainment

  3. Do we need to pay extra charges for the rides or its included in the entry????
    Is the price mentioned above is discounted or additional discount applicable???

  4. Nice The Price’s options very limited and costly. Better Kid’s look out other options rather paying 500rs for water park.Even Bangalores wonderlaw much better with variety of games.Looks like proprietor looking for return of investment in one summer.

  5. Belgaum has severe water shortage. In some areas water is released once in 4 days some once in 6 days. So where is this water coming from. ? Will the water be cleaned regularly. And will water be replaced ? From where? My question? ?? Water is a must for existence, once this is met then fun and games can be attended to.

  6. We don’t get corporation water supply and neither do some other areas. How can this be something to look forward when we are reeling under severe water scarcity. It’s a rather insensitive endeavor.

  7. It’s exciting to hear, Belagavi has come up with something attractive… Very all the best to Yashneesh team. When I go to Belagavi, I will definitely visit to this place…. ☺️

  8. The entry fees should be brought down…. For people who want to just see and go back without the games shall have entry fee of Rs. 100 max….. Especially elders, economic pricing brings more people….

  9. That’s really a great news.All the years we all were waiting for such projects to be happened in belgaum. Wish you all the very best.And sure it’s going to rock.

  10. so so happy atlast belgaum is developing, smart city… we r eagerly waiting for this…n wish you all the best for this project….

  11. Prices are too high. Of course we have witnessed other parks, but in Belgaum this is too costly.
    Also for kids 450 is too much. What is the options for seniors who will just get inn and will not have rides.
    In all ways, its great and we were waiting for this, i had visited this place at the initial during project, Nice green area.
    But promoters, please look into the cost again – Its really too much

  12. It’s good to here about the waterpark in belgum which makes belgum one of best place to rome for.. And coming to your Park i found the facilities provided goes worth the price hope such facilities are actuly properly provided..
    Even i want to ask there is any offer for the customer Having birthday on the day when he/she visit the park?
    And if ans is yes then it vl truly good place to visit.

  13. All is well done ….. but prices are too high for kids. In Kolhapur it is near the half price. Kindly look into the price may be cut down. As above some one said that aged people cant play any rides, for them max Rs,100/- can be assigned.

  14. Price is too much compared with other park. From starting better to reduce price for entry fee . Bcz it started now only since all didn’t know how we enjoying bcz there are different water fields or not so… think about price

  15. Very happy n excited to see dis project in Belgaum.. But disappointed after hearing d charges. To gain something u hv to loose something. So cut d prices n u will definitely gain more returns.. just think. Everybody will enjoy when d prices are affordable.

    • Well said Patil Saib… initially the price has to be kept little bit low…so that many people ll visit and have publicity…

    • Seems to be it is opened, but not full fledged.
      I spoke to the number given, they either do not know Kannada OR English, even do not know how to speak with customers.

      @ Yashneesh: can you clarify is there any travel assistance from Belagavi city?

  16. Starting to thik hai. Magar Belgaum ki kanjuss public ke Karan fun world close na ho jaye. Kyunki Belgaum be kuch bhi improvement nahi hota…

  17. I m really sorry to say…That this is the worst water park I have never seen in my life….we r suffering from skin problem,skin tan….water is tooo worst d rough….clorine is added too much in water…coz of that we r suffering from tan, kids r suffering from fever…

  18. This is a most disgusting water park I ever seen….First thing no safety….i have two injuries….after a big slide all were landing keeping head low…almost all of them hurt…including me….worst food….kutta bhi nahi khayega…unclean…rubber tube se bane games…..No fun at all….skin allergy is complimentary gift.

  19. Water park is closed since long, there is no proper communication with respect to its opening. Worst Management, no professionalism. Well began is half done.

  20. Happy to here that we have water park at Belgam city..
    Please maintain neatness, more important change the water at regular intervels (to avoid skin alergies) so that people will feel comfertable whenever they want to visit
    Maintain neat n clean canteen with hygenic food, snacks, cool drinks etc etc…
    RATES: It should be nominal so that people can think of visiting again & again
    If u maintain properly definetly people will come at regular intervals…
    Its in the hands of management lets hope for the best… Good luck


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